365 Days 3 Analyze the Traumatic Twist of the Sequel (Again)

The first trailer for 365 Days: The Next 365 proves that the sequel’s development was fake, just like the shocking ending of the original movie.

While the first four minutes of The next 365 days Don’t explicitly confirm that the heroine of the trilogy, Laura, is not dead, final 365 days The teaser for the movie appears to be reshaping the shocking ending of 365 days: this day. For most critics, the success of 365 days Franchise is a mystery. Basically, a more saucy and more dangerous retelling 50 shades of gray – which in itself is a retelling of the R rating for twilight Saga – poorly reviewed 365 days The series is very popular on Netflix despite its frequently criticized writing and acting.

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The basic appeal of 365 days The movies seem to be the franchise’s mix of very explicit sex scenes and TV series shows. Amid his exciting interludes, the 365 days The films feature a series of absurdly unexpected twists that make viewers guess and heighten the disbelief of even the most indulgent fans. As if to emphasize this, the first four minutes of The next 365 dayswhich featured Anna Maria Secloca reprising her role as the apparently still-alive Laura Bell, revealed that 365 days: this dayIts ending was a fake character omitted from the original text 365 days.

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The highly ridiculed Netflix trilogy has released the first four minutes of its final installment, and although 365 days: this day Strongly implicit, it turns out that the second film in the series did not kill the heroine of the film, Laura. This kind of cliffhanger ending might be acceptable in most circumstances, because it’s not unusual for thrillers to end with only dramatic and ambiguous notes for the next movie in the series to save the hero’s life thanks to some unexpected plot twist. However, what makes the opening The next 365 days So terrible is the fact that the original 365 days The exact same ending – albeit with Laura apparently dying in a car accident rather than a shootout – was used only to display the exact same revelation of “surprise” in the opening scenes of the sequel.

Why was Laura always there in 365 days 3

Anna Maria Cicluca as Laura Still Alive for the Next 365 Days (Part 3)

This is the second movie in a row where the file 365 days The trilogy pretended that Laura died for a cliffhanger, but according to online comments, few viewers were fooled this time around. Laura is the series’ heroine and POV character, which means the frequent fake deaths don’t carry much weight when the franchise doesn’t work without her. The 365 days The trilogy centers its entire story around the toxic love affair between Laura and mob boss Massimo, which means it wouldn’t make sense for the series to continue on. The next 365 days After Laura’s death.

Despite this fact, the 365 days The movies still recycle the same tired twisting at the two ends of the movie, likely because the creators know there’s no other choice when it comes to a tense ending to each installment. immoral 365 days Massimo’s anti-hero franchise basically can’t die because he’s a ridiculously overpowering, highly competent action hero, and none of the supporting cast has any memorable description that would make their potential demise meaningful or worrisome. As such, an early look at The next 365 days asserts that the final chapter of the trilogy simply reworked the evolution of 365 days: this day hoping so 365 days Fans of the franchise won’t notice or care.

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