7 best Croquettes for Dogs 2023

You have doubts? We help you identify the best croquettes for dogs in this year 2022

Not all the dog food that is exhibited in the dog market is of the same quality, just as it happens with food for us humans. The great diversity of brands can confuse you and lead you to choose a kibble without the nutrient supply that your pet requires, especially if it is in a sensitive condition due to illness or in advanced age.

croquettes for dogs

7 croquettes for dogs in Mexico

For you to select the right ones, FRIDA PETS recommends the best croquettes for dogs :


NUPEC ADULT SMALL BREEDS: Since the digestive tract of small dog breeds is limited, Nupec offers them a food with a high nutritional and energy content to preserve their vitality and muscle mass. The texture of the croquette is adequate to make it easy to chew.


BENEFUL ADULT SMALL BREEDS offers a soft but crunchy kibble, with high-quality protein (there are two options, meat and salmon), antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as delicious vegetables.


NUPEC SUPER PREMIUM: 1st Care, High Performance, Weight Control, Weight Control small breed, Sensitive, and Sensitive small breed, are the specialized foods of the Nupec firm, made with certified technology that provides the dog with 90% digestibility, producing more feces firm. Its nutritional quality is indisputable.


ROYAL CANIN SMALL BREEDS: If there is a brand with specific kibble due to size, special conditions, age and even breed, it is Royal Canin . For small breeds in particular, it is a feed that provides what is necessary to maintain the dog’s ideal weight due to its L-carnitine content that promotes fat metabolism. Its formula is special since it contains high-quality ingredients and spectacular flavor, and fair levels of EPA and DHA to maintain healthy skin and coat.


PURINA DOG CHOW ADULTS MINIS AND SMALL. With its croquette the intestinal flora is balanced thanks to its natural prebiotic; Its high quality ingredients provide the dog with a complete and balanced food and thanks to its Omega 6 and Omega 3 content, its skin and coat are always healthy.


HILL’S SCIENCE DIET is a food with high palatability and quality, recognized in the kibble market for dogs. Its vast variety of croquettes allows you to choose for a specific requirement. Hill’s Science Diet feed is designed by expert researchers from the Global Center for Pet Nutrition so that its formula is the correct nutrition for the dog in any of its life stages.


EUKANUBA is a high quality food for dogs. Its formula contains beet pulp (beet) to improve the animal’s digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients, as well as the necessary content of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. You can choose the ideal feed according to the size of the breed.

Best croquettes for dogs Profeco 2022

The Profeco (Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office) has carried out a study on the best food for dogs.

The results are the following:

In this investigation, 41 brands with a national presence were included. The dependency was based on the recommendations established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), an international organization in charge of regulating the sale and distribution of pet food.

The results of these studies were classified into 4 types of food based on nutritional requirements and the quality of their ingredients: 

Type AB

It is a food called maintenance because it only meets the essential nutritional requirements. They are generally the cheapest.

AE type

This type of croquettes meets the necessary requirements that include some vitamins and minerals that help digestion; they are favorably accepted by adult dogs.

HP type

Croquettes that also meet the minimum nutritional requirements and include some vitamins and minerals, provide additional benefits (better flavor, promote healthy skin and shiny coat) and ingredients that generate greater digestibility. Better quality protein therefore have better nutritional properties.

AS type

They are premium or specialized croquettes, they cover the nutritional requirements of various breeds and ages of dogs, their good quality improves digestibility, consistency, less odor and volume of their feces.

Based on the above, the dog food ranking according to Profeco corresponds to the following brands: Pro Plan, Nupec, Royal Canin and Eukanuba.

The agency recommends that pet owners prioritize quality over economics, because the health of animals is irreplaceable.

What do dogs eat? What is the correct diet?

Dog croquettes are the food of choice for most people who have a pet of this species at home.

However, the question remains as to whether you are feeding it properly. We will give you some advice so that you can choose the best brands of dog croquettes , and they will also help you not to spend extra pesos.

First of all, it is essential that you always read the information labels of the wrappers of the dog croquettes that you are going to buy. Preferably look for grain-free dog food, it may cost you a little more than ordinary kibble, but in the long term the health of your dog pays off in savings.

Being overweight is a serious problem in the canine world. Obese dogs are expensive in the short and medium term, because their fatness causes health problems such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, and even some types of cancer. If your dog is prone to being overweight, feed him brands of kibble for dogs that contain a special formula that is low in fat and high in fiber.

One of the greatest responsibilities towards pets is their sterilization, if you practice this procedure on your pet, in addition to avoiding the irresponsible birth of puppies, you prevent diseases in the female and the male. There are good croquettes for sterilized dogs on the market , look for them if this is the case for your pet.

And the most important advice: Periodic check-ups at the vet. You can prevent serious health problems.

Why choose the best croquettes for your dog?

How to choose the kibble for my dog

At FRIDA PETS we try to generate awareness of quality consumption for the products that your pet requires and choosing a food with the properties that provide true nutrition is extremely important.

Dog kibble is divided into three categories: Premium, regular and generic. The first and second are the most requested.

All the brands mentioned as the best croquettes for dogs are for sale in our online store, as well as others of equal quality. Choose the one that convinces you the most and we will gladly send it to your doorstep if you live in Mexico.

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