7 Situations That Might Mean You’re in Danger

1. Envelope on a car seat

Still, indeed if you’re sure that the auto was locked, it means someone may have broken into the auto, If you discover an envelope on the passenger seat. But the fiddle

doesn’t stop there. Inside the envelope you’ll find a communication like

” Dear Sir or Madam, we’ve tested the safety system of your auto and, as you’ll see, it is easy to break into. thus, we anticipate you to pay us for this test and reciprocally shoot someone to install a better system.

But it’s better to not do this. Because if you shoot plutocrat to people that hang you, you encourage them to try to to it again. communicate the police and have your auto alarm checked regularly by a estimable garage.

2. Water bottle on the car hood

If you notice a water bottle on the bonnet of your car, leave it behind and immediately go to a body shop or the police to check that your car has a GPS tracker. This is because the water bottle tactic is likely to be used by kidnappers and human traffickers to lure you out of your car and victimise you. So if you notice something strange on the bonnet, even if it’s not a bottle, walk away, don’t get out of the car and throw it away.

3. Broken taxi meter

When you get inside a hack and the motorist tells you that the cadence isn’t working, get out incontinently. Do n’t let him start driving. You could get charged a lot further than the regular figure, especially if you’re a sightseer and you look like one.

4. Towing service from strangers

If you need help on the street, it is best to stay away from strangers who offer to help you, unless you think it is safe to accept. There are towing companies that take advantage of people stranded in the middle of nowhere.

So if a tow truck arrives that is not the one you called, you should not accept their help. The reason is that they will probably overcharge you and not give you your car back until you pay them. If you are not sure whether the tow truck belongs to the company you called, call back and ask for the registration number to make sure it is the company.

5. Parking your car next to a van

Parking your car next to a larger vehicle can sometimes be a poor choice. This is because it obstructs your view and could easily become the target of a criminal hiding behind it. Therefore, it is best not to park next to vehicles such as vans.

6. The bank asks you for your PIN number

Remember that your bank will never ask you for your passwords or PINs. So if someone claiming to be from your bank asks you for passwords and PINs, hang up immediately. Then look up your bank’s phone number on their official website, on the “Contact” page, and call them to tell them what happened.

7. You have been asked to pay in an unusual way

A genuine company will not ask you to pay with Western Union, MoneyGram or maybe gift cards and vouchers. If they are doing , it’s a sign that you have been contacted by a fraudulent company. Likewise, if they urge you to form the transfer quickly, stand back from them and do not pay them.

Do you know any other warning signs? Have you ever been the victim of a scam? What have you done?