7 Things to Keep in Your Car That Are Absolute Lifesavers

1. Nail file to cover scratches

A nail file is probably one of the most useful things to have in the car during the winter months. If the rubber strip is dirty with snow, it doesn’t work well on the windscreen.

The solution to this problem is to remove the wipers and rub them with a nail file. This will get you back in shape for that special trip you had planned a few months ago.

2. Hair conditioner to shine

If you want to keep your car shiny and avoid water spots, a conditioner is ideal.

First take a bucket of water and add the car wash soap, then wash the car in a straight motion, but be sure to rinse it off immediately after you finish. Change the water in the bucket when it is dirty. Then put half a cup of conditioner in the bucket and apply it to the car with a cloth. Rinse it, dry it with another rag and you’re done!

3. Keep your food hot

While this might not be commodity you can use as a quick first- aid tip, it are often a speedy tip when you order some take- out food.

still, there’s no need, If you’re upset about your food getting cold. On your way home, place your food on the seat and switch on the seat warmer. This works with any quite food, whether you bought pizza, a burrito, or indeed nachos.

4. Coffee filter for the interior mess

A coffee filter helps to control and absorb small debris in the car. Make sure you have a couple in the car, just in case. Just apply a little olive oil to the coffee filter and wipe it over the car console. You can also use it on leather seats and interior doors.

5. Cereal container as trashcan

There are many items that you can use as litter bins in your car to keep things tidy and clean, but the most practical is an empty cereal box. A cereal box has a lid that keeps the rubbish in place and prevents it from falling out while you drive, and the lid can also secure the rubbish bag inside. It doesn’t take up too much legroom on the passenger seat because it is rigid and can be easily moved to one side.

6. Pill bottle to store coins

You may have a bunch of coins scattered around your car that you want to keep. Collecting them all in your wallet and carrying them around doesn’t seem necessary. The easiest way to avoid this is to stack them in an old pill bottle.

7. Rubber kitchen gloves to remove pet hair

Put on rubber gloves, dip your fingers in water to moisten them slightly and then rub them on the car seats. You will find that some strands of animal hair are easy to pick up.

What will you always have in your car in case of an emergency? What do you usually carry in your car when you go on a trip?