9 Things to Do to Get Out of a Suspicious Situation

1. Avoid stopping the car

If you notice that a car has been behind you for a long time, your first reaction will probably be to stop and let it pass, just in case. However, the best decision would be to change lanes or not to stop at all.

2. Don’t pay much attention to flashing lights.

Very often, flashers are used to warn another driver of a problem that he or she is not aware of. However, some also use them to force you to stop. If you are sure there is nothing wrong with your car, don’t stop and keep driving.

3. Act in unpredictable ways

If you make a mistake while driving, turn on your left indicator and turn right, of course if the conditions are right. If you are on foot, turn around and walk in the opposite direction.

4. Count to check

According to a former CIA agent, there are three steps to finding out if your suspicions are justified. If you see the same person once, it’s an accident, twice – a coincidence, and if it’s three times, you’d better do something. Also, if you are travelling by car, turn right four times and if the same car is still there, you know it’s time to do something.

5. Drive through traffic cams.

Examine traffic cameras to collect as much data as possible. Remembering the street names and later the information recorded by the cameras could be useful to the police.

6. Look ahead of you

If you look around often, you give the signal that you have noticed that something is wrong. Therefore, there is a risk of being discovered later, even if you are not suspicious. The best thing to do is to act naturally.

7. Make use of communication.

If you know the suspect and feel safe to approach them, tell them to leave you alone. Stay firm and do not enter into a long conversation, just make your request and leave. However, if they are a stranger, do not contact them. You are not aware of their behaviour or their motives.

8. Write down your feelings.

This is about noting the times when you feel you are in a suspicious situation. Make sure you note the time, date and place where you felt you were in that situation. Later on, the recorded information will be of great help to the police and lawyers. They can also prove that the encounters were not accidental, but that they really bothered you.

9. Let your hair down.

Ponytails make it easier to keep the hair in place. It is better to abandon them if you notice that something looks suspicious.

What other tips do you know? Which ones are not worth remembering and never work?