Aaron Judge saves Yankees’ win over Royals

The Yankees’ offensive problems in the Subway Series came with traffic on the bases, as they went 0-for-15 with the sprinters in the scoring position.

On Thursday, they struggled to put runners in base, not to mention scoring center.

But all it took was a big swing from Aaron Judge to save the match.

The judge delivered one at the bottom of the ninth inning, crushing a long home run to the center-left field to lift the Yankees to a 1-0 victory over the Royals in the Bronx.

“It just never ceases to amaze the season it brings together,” said manager Aaron Boone. “To put it in the air where he did, not a lot of people can hit it that way and own it like he did. Leaked. Huge to get us home where it was hard for us tonight. But we’ll take it.”

The score of 39 for the best home run this year, from Scott Barlow of the Royals, was only the second stroke of the game for the Yankees (67-33), who lost two consecutive goals and five of their last seven on the night.

Aaron Judge watches his walk away.
Aaron Judge watches his walk away.
Robert Sabo for NY POST

The Royals’ right-hander Brady Singer dominated the Yankees, scoring 10 times over seven rounds of a one-hit ball. Only three base runners were allowed and none of them advanced past second base.

But Judge has succeeded in his sixth home game in his last seven matches to quell a night of frustration.

“It was a tough day today, especially after the loss at Citi Field,” Judge said. “Then I came here and Singer closed all the games for us, I didn’t feel satisfied. But this team has a lot of heart.”

The Yankees celebrate after winning the final round.
The Yankees celebrate after winning the final round.
Robert Sabo for NY POST

The 431-foot shot was Judge’s third career run, and all this year came in the midst of his MVP season.

“We came to anticipate that,” said Jameson Tellon, who has thrown six rounds of shutdown. “It seems that in every great moment, it’s there and it comes.”

The debut of Andrew Benintende, acquired from the Royal Family (39-60) on Wednesday night, didn’t immediately trigger the Yankees’ squad. The left player went 0 for 4 from the lead, although he wasn’t alone in not being able to get to Springer.

“It was,” Benintende said. “He didn’t seem to miss a lot of pitch in the middle of the board. He was drawing corners and didn’t give us much to hit.”

Jameson Tellon plays Thursday during the Yankees' win over the Royals.
Jameson Tellon plays Thursday during the Yankees’ win over the Royals.
Robert Sabo for NY POST

The Yankees scored their first hit of the night at the bottom of the fourth inning, when Gleiber Torres lined up singles through the right side. Otherwise, Singer was untouchable, as the only other racers came for a walk and hit the bat.

Coming off his shortest start to the season—when he only lasted 2²/rounds against the Oriole and issued three season-high walks—Taillon put in an effort to bounce back on Thursday. The right-hander worked early but caused four hits and two walks while hitting a season high with eight hits.

Ron Marinaccio comforted Taillon to start the seventh inning and threw two perfect tires. It was the Novice’s 15th consecutive goalless appearance, a 19-round streak. Opponents are fighting 1 on 57 against him during that time as he continues to gain more confidence from Boone.

Andrew Benintende
Andrew Benintende went 0-4 on his debut for the Yankees.
Robert Sabo for NY POST

“I feel his heartbeat is no more than 60,” the judge said. “This is madness.”

But the biggest moment in the high-pressure situation came from the judge, who walked to the plate in the ninth inning thinking he didn’t have much to lose. He was seated fast but then got a quick first-court ball down the middle from Barlow and he didn’t miss.

“I was 0 against 3 with two punches,” the judge said. “I was like, ‘What’s the worst that could happen, ignite the blow for the third time?'” “”

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