Aerial view and other features coming to Google Maps

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Google Maps are acquired Three new features It aims to help you coordinate your plans such as checking out a landmark without leaving your home or following your friends’ locations at a festival. Previous features included Zone Busy or Grocery Deliverybut this Three new features: Realistic weather view notifications, cycling routes and location sharing are meant to keep them safe Stay organized, secure and connected.

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Realistic Aerial View will be available at nearly 100 famous landmarks. This view is available for cities like London, New York, Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, and Tokyo, and will give you an overview of the landmarks in these cities. Amanda Licht-Moore, Product Manager for Google Maps, wrote in statement That this is a step towards a “comprehensive view”.

The immersive view, previously announced at Google’s 2022 I/O conference, combines artificial intelligence with “billions of high-resolution Street View images, satellite images, and aerial photos.” The show will act like a simulation of the city you want to visit, so you can, for example, Check inside the restaurant without actually leaving your home.

The global view isn’t available yet, but the aerial view of the landmarks has now been published globally on Google Maps on iOS and Android. To find an aerial view of a feature on Google Maps, Google says to search for the feature and head to the Photos section.

Testing this new feature, I went to my Google Maps app on my phone, for example I It was printed in the Tower of Pisa, moved to the photos, and the first thing that appeared was a 30-second video of, yes, an aerial view of the landmark. So this new feature does not work like Street View where you, as a user, can move around the area.

Cycling routes

Image of the article entitled Aerial View and Other Features Come to Google Maps

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Biking directions have been available for Google Maps for about 12 years now. This new feature will allow cyclists to compare bike paths and “see more fine details (when this data is available)” of their journey. (Google has not yet clarified what these exact details are.)

You’ll also be able to see the elevation on the road, as well as whether there are steep hills, stairs, or heavy vehicle traffic along your route. The new feature will also give you a very detailed breakdown of the route So cyclists will know if they are riding their bikes on something like a main road or a local street. So you no longer have to ride a bike on unknown streets.

This feature will be launched in a few weeks in hundreds of cities.

Location sharing notifications

Notifications will now be available for Google Maps, which allows users to To be notified when the person sharing a file A site with you left or arrived somewhere. If someone is sharing their location with you, you can set up notifications for a specific address to see when they arrive.

“We built this feature with privacy at the fore. Notifications can only be set for someone who has already chosen to share their location with you.” mor Wrote. “The person who has shared their location with you will receive several reminders to let them know — including a push notification in Maps and email, as well as recurring monthly emails. As always, you’re in control: you choose to stop sharing your location or block someone from setting notifications altogether.”

Location sharing notifications on Google Maps are also starting to go viral on iOS and Android.

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