All you need to know about the new Lord of the Rings series

This year, Amazon is seeing a lot of progress. Come this fall, they will officially drop their new blockbuster series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

This subtitle is revealing, of course, but overall Amazon has been very careful with the details about the series. Aside from a handful of calculated drops, they didn’t release much via the series’ commentators, or how they would fill in the blanks in a lesser-known time in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth history. No doubt this is because the show is somewhat of a gamble, even for a streaming service backed by one of the biggest companies of all time. Amazon wants to prove it can handle giant prestige offerings, while also running in the fantasy crown set by HBO Game of thrones.

As such, there is a feeling that rings of strength Subtraction heavy in deliberations. However, information is starting to accumulate, and it is already telling us some Things about what the series hopes to be. Here’s everything we know about the story and history The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

What is the release date of The Rings of Power?

Show starts September 2nd. Amazon Prime Video has yet to announce the number of episodes that will be uploaded simultaneously.

Where is The Rings of Power trailer?

over here! The latest trailer premiered at San Diego Comic-Con and offered the most in-depth look at the Middle-earth show yet. As Queen Regent Merrill (Cynthia Aday Robinson) ominously teases Galadriel: “It’s here, the moment we dread.”

With that in mind, Aday Robinson said in an SDCC Q&A that when viewers watch the show, they’ll “know exactly what it means.”

Addai Robinson continued, “In terms of where we find Queen Regent Merrill, there’s that ominous sense of, you know, that something is about to happen, that sense of anxiety. And so we see this civilization at its peak, but there’s those vibrations in the streets and this feeling of impending doom. – You know, maybe it’s death. But that feeling that something is going on.”

Who is in The Rings of Power series?

Lord of the Rings: Rings of Strength: Elrond Kneeling

Image: Amazon Studios

Although the character lineup was initially limited to a series of character posters from purely hand-held close-ups, new details have been filled in over the course of the year he plays who.

We have known for a long time that Morphed Clark (Saint MaudChosen as the younger Galadriel, who will hunt down the collaborators of the recently defeated First Dark Lord, Morgoth. Along the voyage Prince Doreen IV (Owen Arthur), descendant of the kingdom of Khazad Dum (also known as Maurya); Disa (Sofia Numphet), a dwarf princess; and Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova), a newly invented elven character in a forbidden relationship with a human village healer Bronwen (Nazanin Bunyadi).

As familiar faces go, rings of strength It will feature a young Elrond (Robert Aramayo), an “ambitious” architect and politician who has risen to prominence. We’ll also see Isildur (Maxim Baldry), long before the One Ring is cut to rule them all from Sauron’s hand. Fans of the book will recognize the names of Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards), the elven Smith who was tricked into teaching Sauron how to make the rings; Gil-Gilead (Benjamin Walker), the supreme king of the elves.

Megan Richards and Markella Cavinagh will play Poppy Proudfellow and Marigold Brandyfoot, respectively — “two lovable and curious craftspeople,” according to the series’ February Vanity Fair feature. Dylan Smith will also play the character of the Footprints, Largo Brandyfoot, who presumably has some relationship to Marigold. The magazine reported that the show makers built a secret pastoral craft community so they could get “Matt Rosenkrantz and Gildenstern A story in the margins of larger missions.”

It was also announced for Simon Merrells, who plays an original character named Trevyn. In mid-April, Amazon revealed the name of a new character, Theo, played by Teru Mohavedini.

Theo in LotR: tRoP holding a piece of sword

Photo: Ben Rothstein/Prime Video

Then there’s the rest of the show’s cast: Cynthia Addai Robinson (Arrow), Lenny Henry (Broadchurch), Jeff Morrell (Underground railway), and Augustus Brio (kick ass 2) – The names of their characters are all kept under a veil of secrecy.

Is Anson Boone playing Sauron?

Yes, no, maybe – all of the above, really. While Anson Boon’s ominously latent character certainly gets his share of moments in the SDCC 2022 trailer, he’s far from certain that he’s the number fans know as Sauron.

Anson Boone, who plays an unknown character, looks glowing in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

But even though Amazon hasn’t confirmed the character he’s playing, he is may be It’s still Sauron, who at the time this story takes place can still change. During this period, he is described in books as a “Lord of Gifts”, and as having a fair appearance (in a pale sense, but also beautiful), all the better for achieving his treacherous goals. Boon’s profile for sure could Fit the bill.

But as Amazon continues to withhold key details of how the first season of rings of strength He’s going, it seems like it’s too early to call.

When are power rings set?

This one has a relatively straightforward answer: the second era. In Tolkien’s world, that means rings of strength It is set before the timeline of the Peter Jackson films, which take place in the (mainly) Third Age. But a lot of things happen in the second age to set up the main events of the Lord of the Rings books and movies. The series will go on to those, including the centuries leading up to the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and the fall of Sauron.

More practically, this means rings of strength It won’t focus on most of the beloved characters from the original trilogy, as it is before their time. Given that each age covers about a thousand years or so of time, it’s really cool to get any overlap in characters at all. You won’t get to see Frodo, Bilbo, Aragorn, or Legolas in the show, but there are some recurring characters – even though they’re much smaller than we know them.

What is the plot of the rings of power?

At Vanity Fair, the show will combine 22 stars and multiple story lines, from the depths of the dwarf mines of the Mist Mountains to the high politics of the Elfen Lyndon Kingdom and the powerful Atlantis-like island of humans, Nemenor.

About 2,000 years before the events of the rest of the Lord of the Rings series, Galadriel leads the attack against the remnants of the Dark Lord’s henchmen, particularly his student Sauron, who is off the grid somewhere.

As I told Elrond in the first full-length trailer for the series, she’s changed over time in the war. Which war? In the books, the millennia-long struggle against Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, will be among the oldest beings in the universe. In Tolkien’s lore, the Second Age of Middle-earth began after the combined forces of elves and humans defeated the Numenorians and the Valar – the gods of Middle-earth’s protector deities – the armies of Morgoth and imprisoned the dark god out of reality.

rings of strength He seems to capture everything that happened next, regarding these elves, the Numenor, the gods, and the remnants of Morgoth’s servants – and Galadriel seems convinced that they can be found and should be driven out. We know that she sets out to sail into the sea, where she meets Halbrand (Charlie Vickers), a “fugitive from his past” and a new character introduced on the show. Ultimately, all of this will lead to the main event of the series’ story and the antecedent itself: the formation of the rings of power.

“Rings for elves, rings for dwarves, rings for men, and then the one ring Sauron used to fool them all,” Patrick Mackay, a co-showrunner, told Vanity Fair. “It’s the story of the creation of all those powers, where they came from, and what they did to each of those races.”

What is Tolkien’s book on which they base the Rings of Power?

A waterfront city in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Image: Amazon Studios

Unlike the Lord of the Rings films or the episodic Hobbit trilogy, rings of strength Not based on a specific book – per with. Instead, the story is based on some of Tolkien’s appendices, 150 pages or so of post-text that delves into thousands of years of history. When the Tolkien family offered the rights to the supplements (and what the author referred to as the “Second Age of Middle-earth”) for auction, Amazon won the rights to the $250 million low and low cost.

The task now is to turn the timelines, genealogical chains, and other dates included in the appendices into a story that comes a few thousand years earlier than the time period of any of the Lord of the Rings films.

“Can we come up with a novel that Tolkien never wrote and do it as the massive chain of events that can only happen now?” asked MacKay when he spoke to Vanity Fair.

Where is the hobbit?

As MacKay told Vanity Fair in February, “One of the very specific things the texts say is that the hobbits didn’t do anything historical or noteworthy before the Third Age. But really, would you feel like you’re Middle-earth if you didn’t have the hobbit or something like the hobbit?” in it? “

Megan Richards as the Harfoot girl/hobbit in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Image: Amazon Studios

So exhibitors see rims as a way to embed the hobbit without stepping on any (hairy) fingers. As Susanna Polo of Polygon points out, the craft is a racial precursor to the modern hobbit, and seems to play an important role in the narrative:

All this time we’ve been listening to the trailer’s only dialogue, a female voice saying “Have you ever wondered…what else is there? There are wonders in this world beyond our wanderings. I can feel it.” When you’re done speaking, we snapped a shot of actress Megan Richards editing language for: This is the character who said that thing. So either it’s really saying this thing in the series, or the editors of this teaser just want us to Think She said this thing.

OK, but Gandalf is important and old – will Gandalf appear in the Rings of Power?

Gandalf – along with other notable wizards, such as Saruman – sure Technically On the table. Long story short, Tolkien’s wizards are basically demigods born shortly after the beginning of time who dress themselves up as old men. Their goal in Middle-earth was to monitor and fight the rise of Sauron.

So yes, they are alive during the time period from power rings. But if you delve into your Tolkien lore, you’ll find that they were mostly on a different continent. So, while the gods of Middle-earth only began sending wizards to fight Sauron’s return during the Third Age in Tolkien’s Law, Mackay and Paine could have found an excuse for a cameo or two, if they were so inclined.

How much do power rings cost?

On top of the $250 million for the rights (which also allow the Tolkien family to keep the input toward the chain), that’s not entirely clear. Vanity Fair cites its production costs via New Zealand production documents at $462 million, offset by a $108 million tax cut. But with a marketing campaign and subsequent seasons in play, the magazine estimates the series has been priced at $1 billion so far.

What is the site of the anime Lord of the Rings?

A crop of concept art showing jockeys on top of a giant mammoth.

Photo: Weta Workshop / Warner Bros. Pictures

The Lord of the Rings: War of the RohirrimThe feature-length anime was announced in 2021, and is scheduled for release on April 12, 2024. But the Warner Bros. movie. It has nothing to do with the Amazon series, other than being located in the same universe.

The Rohirrim war, a joint venture with Warner Bros. Animation and New Line Cinema, directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Blade Runner: Black Lotus) and Executive Director Produced by Philippa Boyens (the Lord of the RingsAnd the the hobbit triple). It will tell the story of “the life and blood times of one of the most legendary characters in Middle-earth; the Great King of Rohan – Helm Hammerhand”.

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