Big Brother disclaimer recap: Did ‘leftovers’ get rid of a big blind side?

in Big brother Something really unexpected happened for Season 24 earlier this week: You have become good.

Until just a few days ago, CBS’s latest summertime show was anywhere from boring to downright painful to watch, thanks in large part to the exhausting, endless house obsession with firing Taylor for no apparent reason. But during Turner’s Household Presidency this week, the Leftovers coalition — made up of Turner, Monty, Kyle, Joseph, Brittany, Taylor and Michael — has emerged with an eye on restoring power in the home and paving the way for some real threats. (On the live feeds, The Leftovers’ commitment to keeping a princess away from the prospect of her expulsion was a fun thing to do. Lies! Seeds of Doubt! the acting!)

To that end, Thursday’s episode had plenty of ground to cover, including the veto party. Let’s dive into:

Meet Veto | As expected, Michael and Brittany took themselves off the block… but what Not Expect, for most people in the Po’s Pack and Girls’ Girls’ alliances, Turner will replace them with his princess and Terrance, not Taylor and Nicole. In his speech, Turner selected this option due to his lack of discussion of the game with a princess and Terrance – but he also takes the opportunity to call out the relentless bullying/bullying of his pals for Taylor, leaving Taylor in tears of appreciation. (Excuse me!)

Several princess allies, such as Nicole and Jasmine, are genuinely shocked when they see a princess rise, and begin to wonder who would go along with Turner who would endorse a princess candidacy. But it’s funny that even when the answer is right in front of them, they can’t tell: At one point, a princess goes out into the backyard to find a whole bunch of The Leftovers hanging by the hammock, but until then, she tells Nicole and Daniel that she thinks they were all They are scary and do not speak. “I can’t imagine any of them talking about a game,” Daniel suggests, to which Amira replies, “Everyone is just freaking out. Like, that’s a leftover.” Jah! You couldn’t write a better text, guys!

eviction | The Leftovers are then tasked with pretending they don’t know a princess is the real target, a delightful show of acting from all seven of them. In fact, Nicole is so sure that Terence will leave even she Tells He doesn’t have the votes to stay, then confesses to him – as a strange parting gift? – She previously worked as a policewoman.

Big Brother kicked out 24 princessesBut boy, Eviction Night doesn’t work out the way Nicole thinks it would. When it’s time to vote, everyone in the Leftovers coalition from Can He casts his vote this week – everyone but Turner is voting for his prince. But so is Daniel Believes He throws Terrance a sympathetic vote that won’t ultimately change the outcome of the eviction, but actually makes the margin against an even bigger princess; She was ousted in a 7-4 vote, and Nicole’s reaction (pictured) actually sums up the feeling at home after Jolie announced the results. (A princess, in her estimation, tells her housemates, “It’s okay. She got me!” and admits in her post-match interview that the house guests were right to see her as a threat.)

family quiz head | Ahead of the HOH competition, newly not Bestied Terrance will pick the current Besties duo he wants to form a trio – with the same Bestie rules in place for next week – and opt to partner with Monty and Joseph.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the entire Family Head challenge live. It’s another competition that takes place in stages, and only the first stage – which requires players to find red party invitations in a sea of ​​envelopes falling from the sky, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-style – Running by the time credits start. The first eight guests who find a red invite will advance to the next stage, and at the end of the episode, only Jasmine, Terrance, and Brittany do.

With that, I hand it to you. How satisfied is a blind princess? And who do you want to see win the head of the family? Tell us below!

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