‘Black Adam’: Dwayne Johnson appears in costume, Rumbling Hall H with exclusive footage showing Amanda Waller Viola Davis – Comic-Con

Dwayne Johnson, back in his WWE days, always knows how to get in, and Saturday morning was no exception as the action star, dressed just as DC superhero Black Adam, was elevated to Comic-Con’s Hall H as speakers shook the room to its core.

Adorned around the necks of those present were Adam’s black lightning lights that lit up upon his arrival.

“Hall H, you have been warned. The DC world will never be the same again,” Booming Johnson said.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra said, “I’ve seen the movie and love it…no more notes.”

Johnson is back on stage in a more relaxed summer instrument yet black Adam The cast of Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Quintessa Swindell were introduced as part of the Warner Bros. show that also included Shazam: The power of the gods.

“I heard Black Adam was here,” he joked.

The black Adam The team also dropped a new teaser for the October 21 pic release date. see above.

“It has been a long journey filled with passion and determination to pay black Adam All along — it’s been more than 10 years, Johnson said. In terms of working with Collet-Serra on the project, it was five.

“To be here at Comic-Con, Hall H, to represent a DC hero, an anti-hero, is a dream come true,” Johnson told the Chamber. “When I started 20 years ago, many moons ago, I’d bring movies here and hope people like it.”

“How can we create something new and unique… show and create something that hasn’t been done before? My goal is to usher in a new era in the DC universe… what is it like to build a DC world with the Justice community as well,” Johnson added.

Hodge called Hawkman, who tracks Black Adam in the film, “brutal, beast, warrior.”

What Carter Hall went through with the Jordan Journalists Syndicate [Justice Society of America]…we started this thing*! The actor was stunned that when Johnson called him for the role, he didn’t believe him. He thought his phone had been hacked. “When he said, ‘Welcome to Black Adam,’ it was one of the best moments of my career.”

“It amazed me to be a part of this universe, created by Dwayne and Jaume,” Centineo said of Atom Smasher, another JSA member.

The actor said Collet-Serra wanted to bring a “young side” to Black Adam with the Atom Smasher character. “He wants to establish himself as a superhero, a little kid who wants to find his way in life.”

Swindell shared their experience playing Cyclone and Choked, saying, “We’re young men living our youth. We throw this mix in with our strengths, and where we can practice and get to know more. This is a journey in itself.”

“Pierce Brosnan is sending his love, he’s here in spirit,” Johnson said, about being Bond Alum MIA in Hall H.

A young boy asked Johnson if Kevin Hart was jealous of The Rock when he got the part of Black Adam.

“Yes, Kevin Hart is jealous,” Johnson replied, “but you’re already taller than Kevin Hart.”

As for who would win a fight in Black Adam or Superman, Johnson says, “Pound for pound they are close.”

“But that depends on who’s playing Superman,” Johnson said. (Unfortunately, Henry Cavill did not appear in Hall H.)

The footage showed Amanda Waller Viola Davis making a cameo. Black Adam is an indestructible man against missiles and bullets. He’s also angry, refreshed again, and it’s up to the Justice Society to suppress him.

Explorers enter an ancient tomb and activate a magical symbol that brings a covered character to the ground in front of them. When the soldiers shot him, he used his power to kill them all and blasted out of the cave, destroying two helicopters along the way. “My strength is not a gift, but a curse born of anger.”

The footage goes on to deliver the Justice Society – Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Cyclone, Dr. Fate – They try to arrest Black Adam before he causes more destruction. “I was a slave before I died,” says Black Adam.

He was also missing from Warner Bros. Hall H was any inconvenience of 2023 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom And the Sparkle. The studio still has the default DC FanDome, so we’ll likely see more there.

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