Blizzard cancels Overwatch Comp rules, teams “strike” in protest

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During the recent Overwatch Contenders tournament, Blizzard told two teams they would have their best of seven showdown. Then, halfway through, he said it would be the best of the five, and pulled the pin to what seemed like an incredible comeback. This, understandably, was not done well.

as such the edge ReportsThis was clustered from top to bottom. Unless it’s a grand final, competitive Note and watch Matches do not normally work for seven games. But in this case, the final arc (So one round Before grand final) Between 01 Esports and Munich Esports it is listed as the best out of seven.

Confused, one of the Munich players “communicated with the Blizzard tournament director, And “they got assurance and reassurance that the winner’s final match was better than seven. So the teams started at the start and Munich led 3-0 before 01, with the championship looking at stake, started to come back, and worked their way up. Back to 3-2.

That’s when Blizzard’s representatives stepped in and ended the match abruptly. Referring to the usual rules, which state that these rounds usually only go in better than fives, they announced that Munich would advance as they were the first to have three wins.

Explicitly believing the decision would be nonsense, 01, who “lost” was to play Oblivione in the loser’s arc, “in coordination with their new opponents…essentially to strike.

Ex Oblivione, along with many others in the contenders scene, are stunned about the decision made regarding the match between 01_Esports and Munich Esports and the issues that occurred after multiple mistakes at Blizzard’s end.

We believe this, combined with a general lack of communication, has affected the competitive integrity of this tournament.

We hereby decline to continue our series until the issues are addressed. We apologize to all viewers who watched the matches and hope you understand.

“We agreed with them that this is not acceptable, and that Blizzard cannot treat players in this way, one of the players Tell the edge. “We agreed with Ex Oblivione not to play the match, but we wanted to make a statement so we decided to play the game but not actually compete.”

as a result of, The two teams stood and sat, but instead of shooting at each other They were hardly played at all, with most of them simply standing still and failing to complete even the most basic tasks. This made them wary of a Blizzard representative, who threatened to disqualify both teams for actually refusing to play.

After fans took to social media to protest, and cold heads prevailed, Blizzard eventually released a statement essentially saying yes, we had sex, and the rest of the match will be allowed to continue later today.

Ahead of the start of the UEFA upper bracket finals for the summer session of the A-SIDES Series between 01 Esports and Munich Sports, the teams have received information that the series will be played in Series 1-4. This information contradicted the official rules distributed at the start of the tournament, which stated that the match would be from the first to third series.

During the match, tournament directors identified the error and suspended the series, declaring that Munich would receive the winner, as directed by the official rules.

After investigating the circumstances, we have determined that maintaining consistency with our most recent communications with teams, which stated that the match was from Series 1 to 4, was the fairest course of action. As a result, the series will resume tomorrow, Friday, July 29, as a series from 1 to 4, with Munich leading the sport 3-2 and in possession of the next option on the map.

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