Candice Cameron Bure’s daughter slams JoJo for complaining that Candice refused to get a picture with her

The 23-year-old affected all the drama after JoJo called it a “cruel experience” as Candice refused to take a picture with her when she was 11.

The drama between Candice Cameron Bure and JoJo Siwa continues to reach new heights, with Candice’s daughter, Natasha, now throwing her weight on the whole thing as well.

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If you missed it, things got heated between JoJo and Candace this week after the 19-year-old called her “the rudest celebrity” she’s ever met as part of a TikTok trend.

JoJo didn’t say anything explicit about Candace in the short video, but quickly flashes a picture of Fuller House The actor also appeared prompted on the screen.

Elsewhere on TikTok, JoJo revealed that the most “cute” celebrity she’s ever met is Miley Cyrus, while also revealing that Zendaya is her “celebrity crush.”

But it was JoJo’s quick search for Candace that instantly went viral across the internet, which eventually prompted the launch of Full house The alum responded with a five-minute video posted on her Instagram page.

Addressing the wide interest, Candice explained that she actually called JoJo to talk things through. “I immediately tried to communicate with her through mutual friends, my publicist called her manager, and I helped her because I didn’t know what had happened – I didn’t know!” She said.

“[JoJo] Actually you don’t want to tell me [what had happened] Because she said it was so silly, she felt bad, and that’s why it wasn’t a big deal to her,” Candice continued. “But then she said, ‘I met you at Fuller House The premiere was when I was 11, and we were all on the red carpet.”

Then Candice remembered JoJo said to her, “I came to you and said, ‘Can I have a picture with you?'” And you said to me: Not now. Then I proceeded to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.”

Well, JoJo quickly gave her side of the story in an exclusive video shared to Page Six, where she called her and Candice’s ex-meeting “rough.”

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“I had a rough experience when I was young,” she said. “I was 11, and I was a huge fan, and I wanted to take a picture with her, and it wasn’t the right time for her.”

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“I think it was an uncomfortable time for her, and I was a very excited and excited 11-year-old, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst human being ever,” JoJo explained. “It was a tough experience for me, you know.”

Now, Candice’s daughter, Natasha, has spoken out in defense of her mother, criticizing JoJo in a series of now-deleted videos posted to her Instagram stories.

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Natasha, 23, started by rating “this generation” as “too sensitive” with the addition that JoJo doesn’t have a “zero backbone”.

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“This generation is very sensitive and has no backbone,” she said. “We basically live in a society where you can’t say anything without being cancelled – or do anything without being canceled – and it goes beyond the stupidest things.”

Natasha went on to directly refer to JoJo’s comments when she called out the young star.

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She said, “For someone to say they don’t want to take a picture with you, or it’s a bad time because they’re working — that’s not a ‘harsh experience,'” a direct reference to JoJo’s comments as she drew with air quotes.

Natasha also asked JoJo to “grow up” to say, “There are people dying…there are bigger issues in this world than this.”

However, Natasha’s videos were quickly deleted from her page, with the 23-year-old saying she expects to “receive a text very soon” after the clips were posted.

JoJo hasn’t responded to Natasha’s comments, but we’ll definitely update you if she does.

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