Dwayne Johnson put another nail in the coffin of Snyder Fris

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, DCEU’s next movie, is set to be a fresh start for the franchise — and that’s not good news for the Snyderverse.

rocks black Adam Coming to theaters, Dwayne Johnson’s emotional project is set to move DCEU away from Snydervse. While DCEU originally started as a follow-up to Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder man of steelThe franchise has seen a number of path corrections after divisive films such as Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and turbulent production such as Justice Squad. Currently, DCEU canon after Zack Snyder Justice Squad Still up in the air, but upcoming movies like black Adam She points out that the franchise is already distancing itself from SnyderVerse.

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While there is no DCEU movie yet Justice Squad They provided no technical reboots regarding what was created in the Snyderverse, nor did they follow any major storyline from Snyder’s original five-movie plan. For now, it seems that DCEU is focusing on individual stories that don’t have to rely on Justice League movies, like Shazam! wrath of the gods And the black Adam. The only exception to this seems to be Sparkle, which is set to bring Michael Keaton’s Batman to DCEU through a multiverse storyline and will also see the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman. However, despite being a single entry, black Adam It appears to be crucial for the future of DCEU.

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During DC’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, The Rock raised it black Adam will “The Beginning of a New Era for DC Movies.” While Dwayne Johnson didn’t go into detail about how Black Adam would report to the DCEU moving forward, it’s clear that the movie is trying to create its own legends without relying on previous events from the Snyderverse. For example, the Justice Society in black Adam They seem to be a well-established group of superheroes, which is interesting since they are never mentioned Batman vs Superman or Justice Squad. Considering that Jim Lee, DC’s chief creative officer, said there are no current plans for Zack Snyder. Justice Squad sequel, it makes sense to black Adam And future DCEU films should be treated as the starting point for a new phase in the franchise.

How Superman Cavill could fit into the new DCEU era

Henry Cavill Superman Black Adam Shazam Wrath of the Gods

The Rock’s Black Adam vs. movie. In fact, more than five years have passed since Henry Cavill released his last Superman scenes Justice SquadAnd the black Adam It became the main hope for the audience to see the return of DCEU Superman. Shazam had raised the possibility with a Superman cameo at the end, except that Superman’s face never appeared. At the moment, it has not been confirmed whether Henry Cavill will appear as Superman black Adam. In fact, Dwayne Johnson revealed during the SDCC that the outcome of Black Adam’s fight against Superman depends on it “Who plays Superman.”

There is no official announcement regarding the return of Henry Cavill as Superman in black Adam Or any other projects in the capital are likely to be viewed as disappointing. However, this indicates that the future of DCEU remains undetermined. The Snyderverse obviously doesn’t continue, at least not with the Zack Snyder films originally planned, but there are elements of Justice Squad An epic that could still play a role in DCEU depending on what future films might need. For example, Amanda Waller will appear as black AdamThe character, Viola Davis, has been a part of the DCEU since 2016 suicide squad.

Somehow Black Adam can be in the next few years for DCEU man of steel It was in the early years of the franchise. Black Adam is clearly far from being a moral hub for superhero teams like Superman, but the character has enough potential to lead a new side of the DCEU. between black AdamDCEU promised new era, SparkleMultiverse story, expansion suicide squad And DCEU TV, DC prove that the franchise has moved on from the Snyderverse.

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