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One ‘secret star’ for all 32 NFL teams entering the 2022 season – PFF
Philadelphia Eagles: LBTJ Edwards. Edwards may be one of the best underdog stories in the NFL. A player who scored consistently well on every level of PFF, Edwards has marginal physical tools and so has had to work his way up to playing – unpolished, on special teams and in pre-season. Since taking a starting job, he’s been the Eagles’ best player at some point (obviously a low-key to be cleared), and had an overall PFF score of 75.5 in 2021 – higher than all of the centenarians Bobby Wagner (71.8) and Lafonte David (72.3). ).

Eagles All-22 movie review: TJ Edwards and Davion Taylor review – BGN
TJ Edwards is someone I was totally wrong about. I’ve seen the ability to play running but I thought he was too limited sportingly to hold up as a starting back. But he proved to be an average/good midfielder at the start which is impressive for the UDFA. I still don’t think he’s terribly fit for the modern NFL but you still need quality players who can play. I expect TJ Edwards to play fewer picks next year, but I still expect him to have a major role in landing base. I imagine Keizer White and Nacobi Dean will play a lot with nickels, but I wouldn’t count on T.J. Edwards, I think he will continue to play a very big role for the Eagles in 2022.

NFL Training Camp: The Top 10 GPS Fights to Track in 2022 – NFL.com
Nacube Dean vs. T.J. Edwards vs. Keizer White vs. Devon Taylor. The Eagles’ entire team can be determined by how willing Dean is to intervene and where the staff determines his best placement. The rookie, who fell to the Eagles in the third round of enlistment amid medical concerns, worked his mid and weak points during spring drills. If Dean gets two quarterbacks, that could push Edwards, who settled for the center last season. Philly could also use Dean alongside Edwards even after signing White this season. There’s no doubt that the Eagles’ quarterback corps looks vastly improved on paper after years of trouble. How will playtime stop will come down to a debt.

QB Factory Reboot #57: Is Level 3 Accurate for Jalen Hurts? + Thoughts on Top Gun Maverick – BGN Radio
Rachelle Privette and Mark Schofield are back in better shape after a brief summer hiatus. The two sum up their summers so far, shared their thoughts on Top Gun Maverick and discussed whether Level 3 represented an accurate placement for Jalen Hurts in The Athletic Mike Sando’s “QB Tiers Column.”

The Eagles’ Inexplicable Trend – NBCSP
Their winning total for the last six is ​​set at 9 or higher, the Eagles failing to reach this predicted total. And three of those six seasons actually ended with a losing record. Going back to 2005, the Eagles have only won more than once in eight times set at 9 wins or higher. That was in 2009, when the prediction for a 9-time Vegas win was a win, and he went 11-5. Here’s a look at every year since 2005 the Eagles have been expected to win 9 or more matches, plus their actual win total.

Some Painful Talk – Eagles Blitz
Eagles should have a more consistent passing attack. You can’t live on big plays and playing passes. DeVonta Smith is an excellent track runner and has good chemistry with Hurts. AJ Brown is a great physical receiver who doesn’t have to be extroverted to be extroverted, if that makes sense. He and Hurts are old friends so I don’t think trust would be an issue at all. Hurts must get the ball to these two quickly so they can play for him. Nick Siriani is a staunch believer in post-hunting yards, an area where the vultures have suffered last year. They finished 22nd in the league last year, 1,000 yards behind the league leaders. YAC comes from QB who makes a quick decision and then makes an accurate pass. If the receiver manages to catch the ball while running, you have a chance to play big. If the receiver has to slow down or adapt to the ball, it will be easier for the defense to reach them and limit play. Brown must be a great help in this area.

Spadaro: 12 Questions to Answer as Eagles Training Camp Opens – PE.com
5. In his second season in offense, what kind of moves did QB Jalen Hurts make? A big question for sure. And we won’t know the full extent of that until the regular season, of course, but keep in mind that for the first time since high school Galen Hurts is playing a second straight season with the same offensive coordinator. So he knows the offense. He knows where to go with football. Knows coaches and their expectations. There is a different level of comfort and confidence when you do it a second time, right? Hurts has been dynamic in his first full season as a rookie in 2021, so the natural expectation is that he takes a huge step forward in ’22. The Eagles have a full offensive as it looks on paper with the running game that led the league last season and a wide receiving corps that is both deep and talented. Extremely. The offensive line is great, as we all know. Hurts knows he has areas to improve and he and the coaches have been open to admitting that. All eyes are on the pains, but isn’t that always the case with the starting midfielder? He’s thriving in the spotlight and so this will be the summer Hurts hopes to take his game to a new level.

The Eagles Training Camp List: What to Know About All 46 Players in Defense and Special Teams – The Sportsman
Josh Sweet is nearing his best season, a year that spanned 7.5 sacks enough to reward the Eagles for his signature with extension in September. For extension Jordan Mailata, for example, the Sweat deal is much closer to market value than a scheduled team heist. According to Over The Cap, the total guaranteed money from Sweat ranks 34th among all enthusiastic contestants. The quarterback’s 14 strikes, including sacks, tied for 55th in center, according to TruMedia. An eye test tells us that the race was a little better than that, and the speed with which the opposing quarterbacks ditch the ball against the Eagles affects his raw numbers, but the race hasn’t completely changed the rules of the game yet.

Dan Snyder is sailing away from consequences that may never come – Ringer
After avoiding a subpoena while on his mega yacht, Snyder will finally meet with Congress this week about leaders’ toxic workplace culture. But it’s the jury of fellow owners who can decide what happens next – and what kind of precedent will be set.

5 Things We Want To See From The Dallas Cowboys At Training Camp – Blogging The Boys
Finally used Tony Pollard to his fullest potential. To say Tony Pollard wasn’t exploited enough in his first three years with the Dallas Cowboys is an understatement. Yes, we all know he plays second fiddle behind Ezekiel Elliott in his running game, but even that’s no excuse for not increasing his workload after the way he performed when he had the chance. It’s time to change that. Entering a contract year, the Cowboys have one last chance to finally tap Number 20 to its fullest potential. Pollard is a versatile playmaker whether as a runner or an off-court receiver, and his way of being in the past is to use him as such. He should see a significant increase in touches in 2022 and hopefully we start to see that happen in training camp.

Giants put Aziz Ogolari on non-football injury list, add four to PUP list – Big Blue View
The Giants have also added second-year EDGE Azeez Ojulari to their list of non-football related injuries due to a hamstring injury. Pat Leonard of the New York Post reports that Ogulare was injured recently but is expected to recover with rest. As we always note, hamstring injuries can be very difficult and the Giants will get a good serve by not rushing Ogolari back to the field.

Doug Pederson treats Jaguar players like adults – Big Cat Country
When a new coach comes in his first year with a team and begins to show what kind of leader and communicator he is, players take notice. Some love him. Some do not. Few can be indifferent. But they assess the similarities and differences between the new coach and the old coach the same way any of us would if we got a new boss or our departments promoted someone new to lead. Count Josh Allen as someone who loves what his new coach brings to the table. Just in the first week of training camp, Josh Allen commented on how he felt entering his fourth season with the team. It’s been a whirlwind for the defender, and he’s now only his third coach in a short time in the NFL, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the differences between Doug Pederson and his predecessors…with Josh Allen pointing out that the most impactful thing that has changed is the professionalism that The new Jaguars coach brings him to the changing room.

Saints bring RB Jordan Howard to the experience – Canal Street Chronicles
The New Orleans Saints brings veteran RB Jordan Howard to the test. Howard spent last season with the Eagles, having 406 yards and three touchdowns. Howard will join USFL offensive player of the year and former St. Darius Victor for this week’s trial. At 27, Howard still has a bit left in the tank and has proven in the right systems that it can be successful as a spinning back. [BLG Note: The Saints signed veteran RB Malcolm Brown, perhaps indicating they’re passing on JoHo.]

Jets Signs Richard Davis – The Green Nation Gang
Davis has bounced around professional football since signing with the Eagles as an uncredited free agent from James Madison in 2017. He had multiple stints on the Philadelphia coaching team that year and earned a Super Bowl ring as a coach. He also spent time with the Raiders, Chiefs, and Titans before moving on to the CFL and then the USFL. He was also selected in the XFL Draft in 2020 but chose not to play in that league. Jets aren’t really on the market for a returning man since Braxton Berrios gave a lucrative off-season contract extension. They may seek a backup that they can store in the Training Squad and activate for the game in the event that Berius is injured. Davis would be a good fit for this template.

Kyler Murray’s Study Phrase Is A Distraction From The Making Of Cardinals – SB Nation
Last week, Kyler Murray became one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL when he signed a 5-year, $230 million contract. It was a vote of confidence, a sign of faith, and positive evidence that the Cardinals believed their man was destined to lead their privilege into the future. Now, days later, it’s all gone – replaced in the conversation by a disturbing and insulting deal-breaker warning. Obtained an “independent study supplement” by Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, which ostensibly says the player must do his homework during the season, or that the team has the right to put the contract into default, which Murray may need to correct or The transaction becomes void.

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