GTA Online’s next update is one of the biggest in nearly a decade [Update]

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After some previous teasing, today Rockstar announced a Criminal Enterprises update for Grand Theft Auto Online It will be released on July 26. It looks like this upcoming free update will be one of the biggest the game has ever received, with many quality of life changes, improvements, and expansion in the works.

After the rumors and insinuationsRockstar has finally started sharing details about GTA OnlineBig summer update. But there is bad news for people who live in the digital world GTA Online Because severe heat waves and rising gas prices will make life even more miserable. Fortunately, for all the law breakers online, this offers some new criminal opportunities as well as an opportunity to help the government crack down on some else villains across a new series of in-game missions.

As part of the Criminal Enterprises update, Rockstar is adding a new series of two-player missions Collaboration again with IAA (GTA ‘Take on the CIA) as an unofficial agent to help eradicate a “notorious oil-rich dynasty” in Los Santos that takes advantage of high prices.

But that’s just one part of this massive upcoming update. In today’s blog post details about the updateRockstar explained that every in-game business in GTA Online They are being expanded, giving players more ways to earn more money. for example, bikers bars It will now be filled with customers and players can run missions to keep the liquor and money flowing. Even better, it looks like all of these expansions will be free.

While I’ve enjoyed some of the business that Rockstar has added to the game over the years, it’s nice to see the developers come back and expand on older content rather than just overcrowding. Yet another work in the mix.

Criminal Corporations, Coming July 26th to GTA Online

However, for older players, the more exciting changes and tweaks that are coming in this next big patch are all minor quality of life improvements.

Rockstar promises there’ll be a faster way to get to your snacks, making healing during a gunfight easier. Coming also: Kick to the Notorious and Annoying unjust mk. 2 armed jet bikeswho always ruled the sky GTA Online And led to the resignation of many players anger. Another huge small change is that all businesses, including selling missions, will soon be fully playable in private sessions. Fans have been asking for this for years and it’s good to see it finally happen. Rockstar is also increasing the payout for old heists, races, and discount patterns and will increase the amount of salaries for partners and bodyguards as well.

Everything, this update is exactly what GTA Online Need. After years and years of rockstar cramming more and more into the game, often not returning to tweak or improving things after the fact, it’s good to see an update mostly focused on expanding older content while adding features and changes that fans have been asking for.

Update: 7/22/22: After announcing yesterday that The Criminal Enterprises update has arrived GTA OnlineRockstar Games has shared more information about some of the changes and quality of life tweaks that are being made to the long-running open-world game.

The complete blog post on Rockstar موقع site Includes a complete list of changes. it’s a long list, but here are some changes that stood out to me:

  • Players will now be able to purchase the maximum ammo for all weapons at once via the interaction menu. Also, players will be able to easily access snacks and armor via active hotkeys when the weapon wheel is on.
  • Oh, and when you die during a mission, Rockstar will restock your snacks with whatever you had before, which will make it easy to retry challenging missions, especially when playing solo.
  • On PC, you will be able to turn off the in-game chat box.
  • Finally, Rockstar allowed players to run instead of walking inside the casino and nightclubs.
  • You will now be able to own 10 in-game properties, increasing your total garage space by up to 20 vehicles. I don’t really like having a lot of stuff, but for the collectors out there, this is a big deal.
  • To help combat annoying nuisances, killing in free roaming will no longer affect your K/D stats.
  • And if someone attacks you while free roaming in an armed vehicle and you strike back, you will not be charged a destruction fee if you succeed in detonating your attacker.
  • The Race Creator tool within the game is greatly expanded, allowing players to add more checkpoints and props, increase the number of players in some races, and more.

Rockstar says these changes came directly from fan feedback, which I believe. Fans have been asking for many of these changes for years. While there are still many things that can be modified and improved GTA OnlineThis upcoming update will go a long way towards making the game look more streamlined, modern and fun.

All this and more come into play when it is turned on Criminal corporate update arrives on July 26 across all platforms.

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