In “Uncoupled”, Neil Patrick Harris is deserted, but continues

(Left to Right) Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) and Pal Susan (Tisha Campbell) meet a potential client.

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Netflix / Netflix

(Left to Right) Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) and Pal Susan (Tisha Campbell) meet a potential client.

Netflix / Netflix

Description of the new comedy series on Netflix Disconnected as such “Sex and the Citybut “gay” is just as logical as describing something likefootnotebut straight. Sex and the CityCreated by Disconnected The famous creator was Darren Star golden girls From Its Era – a series ostensibly focused on women whose book the book clearly symbolized gay men.

Besides, the most appropriate comparison is SatC sequel series and like thatwho finds Carey and her co-workers in the midst of middle age trying to navigate sex and romance in stunning Manhattan apartments, private clubs, art galleries, and $25 martini bars.

this breeze atmosphere Disconnectedwho finds high-heeled Manhattan real estate agent Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) surprised when his 17-year-old partner (Tok Watkins) abandons him.

He’s a grumbler, yes, but the main drawbacks the series struggles to explain is how hard Michael is rooting for bitter grumbling to his friends at those apartments, clubs, galleries, and bars with his $25 Negronis.

Cry to me with a river view, Michael.

but the SatC / AJLT The comparison is useful here too – because like these two shows, Disconnected It features a main pill-type character, surrounded by secondary characters who are a hell of a lot more interesting and fun to hang out in. with.

As Michael’s associate of real estate broker Susan, Tisha Campbell takes on the role of sidekick and instantly penetrates walls, inhabiting a character so charismatic that the book begins to count only toward the end of the season. Conversely, Marcia Gay Harden takes a massively written part—part of an arrogant, newly divorced woman who feasts on Michael—and finds within it a series of small, specific emotional hits to play.

Michael’s gay friends, famous local weatherman Billy (Emerson Brooks) and lone art gallery owner Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas) support Michael, just as Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte have been through spending All those long lunches were nodding her head as Carrie lamented her love life. But the support has only lasted so far, fortunately. Billy and especially Stanley are becoming more of a shadow of Michael than Samantha & Company. ever to curry; Hence, Ashmanskas’ skillful posting of some truly autistic ones turned him into the best player in the series.

Harris, and the series itself, are at their best in moments like these, when Michael’s untested franchise is thrown up and scrutinized, however fleeting it may be. In one scene, he ends an affair with a hot guy because the kid doesn’t know what an AIDS quilt is. Michael lectures the child on how to do it and other gay men who make sacrifices for millennials, and then add “Well, it’s not me. A little bit older. But I’ve seen Angels!

Disconnected It goes down easily – unlike the wise protagonist – and leads to a frictionless weekend party. If its focus on middle-aged franchisees worries you, you’ll probably prefer HBO Max the other two, which is clearer, more funny, and focuses on young people who are still struggling. If his focus on white gay men in the CIS makes it sound like a cultural throwback, try the new Gay as a people On Peacock, who has figured out how to get more voices into the mix in ways that expand the stories being told and make their character differences more apparent.

But if you like disturbing gay sex comedies served with a side of porn real estate, you could do worse than that. Disconnected. Forgive yourself if, in any scene, you find your attention drifting away from Michael’s sexy hustle to his apartment scheme.

I think at some point we found ourselves getting frustrated with the show for some reason we couldn’t put it down, until we realized that every time we see Marcia Gay Harden’s character apartment, it’s from the exact same angle.

“Just show us the already damned kitchen,” we muttered, almost in unison.

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