I’ve seen Kevin Sussman as ‘Better Call Saul’ before

*Warning: This contains spoilers about The best of Saul on demand Season 6, Episode 11 “Breaking Bad”*

The best of Saul on demand I’ve always felt the open world where even the most seemingly illogical characters can come in and recreate the fabric of the show’s slightly intricately woven story. For example, a taxi driver named Jeff appears as a silent creep who scares Gene Takovich (Bob Odenkirk) in the first episode of season 4 “Smoke” and disappears from the screen and disappears from our minds for the rest of the season. He then reappears in the Season 5 premiere of “Magic Man” as a conniving con man looking to blackmail Jane by threatening to reveal his true identity as Saul Goodman. Now, the character you initially played before We own the cityBefore being replaced by Don Harvey in Season 6 station 19‘s Pat Healy In recent episodes “Nitty” and “Breaking Bad” have influenced more central characters such as Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). And now it looks like the series will end with a new character appearing for the first time with a Walter White-esque effect.

The third and final episode of The best of Saul on demand The series, titled “Breaking Bad,” has been highlighted by the long-awaited return of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). But, one of Jin’s identity theft victims we interviewed in the last 20 minutes of the episode is set to have a bigger impact at the end of better connection Saul From the drug-trafficking duo that introduced us to Saul in the first place. Kevin Sussman plays a emaciated, unknown businessman who Jane and Jeff drink alcohol and barbiturates as part of their series of negatives designed to knock their victims unconscious so that one of Jane’s common partners named Buddy (Max Bickelhaup) can sneak into their homes to secretly pick them up. Pictures of their credit card and personal identity to be sold to a willing third party.

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Kevin Sussman as unnamed cancer victim in Saul's best call


Sussman’s unidentified character is an unsurprising conspiracy tool that helps Jane dive deeper into his old criminal tendencies as a way to recover the fortune he discovers the federal government has seized in their criminal case against Wyatt at the end of the day. Too bad. Next, he digests a variety of pills before informing Jane, who acts double as Victor, that he has cancer. The revelation that fans of the dim embers of compassionate Jimmy McGill is still inside Jane wondering if Sussman’s character should be drinking more alcohol. This asks though that the same depreciation is critical to Gene’s heist scheme. But, as usual in The best of Saul on demandDisruptive storytellingAnd the It is this same revelation that brings back Jane’s memory of how much of an asshole a cancer-stricken Walter White is, an experiment he uses to try to convince Buddy to steal the man after his followers hesitate to steal from a man with cancer.

By the end of the episode, Jane decides to try to steal himself, blinded by his desperate quest to return to the luxury of his past. A preview of the penultimate episode appears to show the police approaching Sussman’s character’s home, hinting at an unnamed person with cancer either directly or indirectly, bringing Jane into close contact with law enforcement, perhaps one step closer to a prison sentence he was dodging of it completely. subordinate The best of Saul on demand Being.

Where do I know Kevin Sussman?

If Sussman’s sad depiction of an unnamed cancer victim sounds familiar, it’s because you most likely laughed at his loneliness. The 51-year-old actor is best known by the name The Big Bang Theory Failed comic book artist and blues player Stuart Bloom, who once vomited revelations about his clinical depression while trying to attract a woman. Sussman has appeared in 84 of the show’s 279 episodes, including the series’ finale, “Stockholm Syndrome,” in which Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette’s daughter (Melissa Rauch) lose a tooth after it fell (more like rolling, laughing) down a ladder. under his supervision.

The Big Bang Theory

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Recently, Sussman appeared in the Emmy-nominated true story drama Hulu leakage As Theranos’ neurotic lab director, Mark Roessler, who helped investigate the company before (stupidly) deleting incriminating emails between him and Theranos management. The last we saw Mark was being replaced by a dermatologist as the lab manager, and there was no indication if he was still with the living.

Before TV, Sussman made his name on the silver screen as a quirky Lenny fan always famousDivorce is delivered in divorce papers burn after readingand Mac Bailey, half of a murderous couple in the 2010 movie the killers. Outside The Big Bang TheorySussman mostly played side characters that provide enough scene-grabbing moments to make an impression. However, see how his without a label The best of Saul on demand Playing the role, Sussman will be on your mind as the critically acclaimed series nears its conclusion.

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