JoJo spoke in detail about her ‘cruel’ encounter with Candice Cameron Bure after calling her a ‘rude’ celebrity she met

“I had a rough experience when I was young. I was 11 years old, and I was a big, big fan, and I wanted to take a picture with her.”

JoJo Siwa has opened up more about her previous meeting with Candace Cameron Bure.

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If you missed it, JoJo found herself going viral this week after she posted a short, candid video on TikTok answering quick questions.

The only response that caught fans’ attention was her answer to a question about who was the “most rude celebrity” she’s ever met, which she said was Candice.

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But just flash a picture Fuller House When the question popped up on the screen, JoJo didn’t give fans more insight into her past encounters with Candice.

Well, the clip quickly attracted tons of attention online, and before long, Candice weighed in on the topic.

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Sharing a five-minute video on her Instagram page, Candice began by explaining that she had already called JoJo to speak to her directly.

“I immediately tried to communicate with her through mutual friends, my publicist called her manager, and I helped her because I didn’t know what had happened – I didn’t know!” Candace said.

“[JoJo] Actually you don’t want to tell me [what had happened] Because she said it was so silly, she felt bad, and that’s why it wasn’t a big deal to her,” Candice continued. “But then she said, ‘I met you at Fuller House The premiere was when I was 11, and we were all on the red carpet.”

According to Kadas, Jojo told her, “I came up to you and said, ‘Can I have a picture with you?'” And you said to me: Not now. Then I proceeded to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.”

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Remembering their last conversation, Candice said that she told JoJo, “Oh JoJo, I’m so sorry,” to which JoJo allegedly replied, “Yeah, you weren’t mean, and I understand it now as an adult — when you’re on the red carpet and all.” It happens and you are pulled in different directions. But at the time, I was 11 years old.”

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Candice concluded things by saying that she and JoJo were on good terms, saying, “I told JoJo how much I always appreciated her because she was such a good role model because of her positivity throughout her life and career. She said she still loves to watch Full house And watching him fall asleep is a relaxing show for her, so we had all the sense and it was all good, no drama.”

Well, now JoJo has spoken more about the past experience, detailing her encounter with Candice from her perspective in an exclusive video with Page Six.

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“I had a rough experience when I was young,” she said. “I was 11, and I was a huge fan, and I wanted to take a picture with her, and it wasn’t the right time for her.”

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However, on Page Six, JoJo asserts that her “bad experience” with Candice certainly does not mean that she is “the worst human being ever.”

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“I think it was an uncomfortable time for her, and I was a very excited 11-year-old, very excited, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst human being ever,” she explained. “It was a tough experience for me, you know.”

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Watch the now viral TikTok video of JoJo also the young star reveal a bunch of other thoughts on the different famous faces.

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The 19-year-old rated Zendaya as her “celebrity crush”, Miley Cyrus as the cutest celebrity she’s ever met, and Elton John as the “coolest”.

Interestingly enough, JoJo went on to name the celebrity ‘who did it’ [her] sloppy” like SpongeBob Squarepants — which many have interpreted as a dig against Nickelodeon in light of its rocky history with the network.

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Back in April, JoJo publicly expressed her complaints about Nickelodeon after revealing that she was not invited to the annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

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“Many of you have asked me why I didn’t attend the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards tonight, and the answer is very simple: I wasn’t invited,” she said in a clip posted on her Instagram page.

Since JoJo’s relationship with Nickelodeon dates back years and she’s been at the awards show regularly, many fans couldn’t help but wonder if her transformation regarding her public image – with her January 2021 appearance – might have played a significant role. In their decision not to invite her to this year’s KCAs.

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JoJo apparently agreed to the speculation, as she publicly re-published a handful of posts accusing Nickelodeon of intentionally excluding her from the event due to her weirdness.

I first shared a fan tweet Which reads: “The only year that Tweet embed Why isn’t she invited to the Kids’ Choice Awards when she goes out and cuts her hair?????? mite Tweet embed. “

The only year @itsjojosiwa hasn’t been invited to the Kids’ Choice Awards is when she goes out and cuts her hair????? Tweet embed

Twitter: bby_briiiiiii

Moments later, she retweeted a post from a follower Wrote: “Obsessed with teen celebrities who don’t take shit out of their job network and refuse to be anything but themselves. Joining a kids’ channel shouldn’t mean you have to stop being yourself.”

Obsessed with teen celebrities who don’t take shit out of their job network and refuse to be anything but themselves. Joining a kids channel doesn’t have to mean you stop being yourself. itsjojosiwa and oliviarodrigo, you are my hero.

Twitter: ohheyimmorgan

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