Juan Soto’s latest business talks

5:16 PM: During the match, Ken Rosenthal said that the citizens wanted “four to five big young players” for Soto FOX Sports interview today. This “wild question” consists of potential superstars and/or players who have recently made their MLB debut, and thus have been in control for several years. Given the size of this expected trade package, “At this point…it’s not really a negotiation. Either you express your willingness to meet our price, or we go to the next club,” Rosenthal said.

For example, Susan Sluser of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that if the Giants were to bid for Soto, the Nats would want the prospect of a left-handed pitcher Kyle Harrison return as part of the return. Harrison was the Giants’ third-round pick in the 2020 draft, and his great numbers in 2022 raised him in the mid-season odds rankings – American baseball ranked Harrison at number 22 on the latest list of the 100 best baseball players, while MLB Pipeline ranked No. twenty-fifth. .

11:20 AM: the possibility of a John Soto Commerce has dominated the MLB headlines over the past week, but the citizens have not been impressed by the performances they’ve seen so far, according to Athletic’s Brittany Ghiroli. Finding the right commercial package for a well-decorated 23-year-old star is complicated enough, but the citizens’ ownership situation adds another puzzling wrinkle.

With the current owners, the Lerner family, increasingly looking to sell the club, the wishes of any potential new owner must also be taken into account in any Soto deal. According to John Heyman of the New York Post, some potential buyers prefer Soto to the list. Given that Soto is by far the Nats’ best baseball asset, it’s no surprise that a new ownership group would want him to join the organization.

It is hard to imagine that the club would be more attractive to potential buyers without Soto on the list. There is a possibility that a new ownership group would favor a clean slate while allowing the Lerners to take the PR blow that would come with dealing with the team’s most popular superstar. However, despite all the commercial hype, it wouldn’t be at all shocking to see Soto still on the payroll when Learners finds a buyer. The new owner will still be able to trade Soto with a full two years of team control remaining, even if that sale doesn’t happen until the season is over.

As long as the possibility of a deal remains viable, teams will continue to check on Citizens General Manager Mike Rizzo. The Yankees and Mets are two of the leading contenders for Sotos. The Yankees are the most likely destination, though, given the Nats’ understandable reticence to take on Soto’s rival in the band, notes Andy Martino of sny.tv. Citizens should already live with former stars Bryce Harper And the Max Scherzer in the same section. Patriots fans certainly won’t be excited to face Harper and Soto inside the division over the next decade. The Mets can’t be crossed off the list, but they should be considered long shots for now.

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