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Angels would have been without her Mike Trout for a few weeks. The three-time player was named to the injured list on July 18 with rib cage infection, and while he is now technically eligible to return, his timetable for a return to the field remains uncertain.

Yesterday, head coach Mike Frostad addressed Trout’s injury with reporters (including Athletic’s Sam Blum and Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register). Frostad said the trout has been diagnosed with “Spinal dysfunction“on his back which he called”A very rare case.The coach added that the situation was something for the club.(It has to) be seen as — he has to manage it, not only during the rest of this season, but probably during the rest of his career.

Frostad’s remark about the need to monitor the situation throughout Trout’s career was a cause for understandable concern among the Angels fan base, but the future Hall of Famer quickly reassured he was not concerned about this long-term issue. “I appreciate all prayer requests, but my career is not over yet,Trott half-jokingly told reporters about the audience’s response to Frostad’s comments. Trout added that he feels he has made progress in his recovery over the past few days, and replied:naturallyAnd the this is my goalWhen asked if he expected to return to the field in 2022, he admitted he would need to.Stay up to date with the routine I do daily to prevent it from coming back”to Frostad’s point about managing the case, but he was optimistic it wouldn’t be particularly problematic.

Trout’s hope is certainly welcome news for fans of Halos and the organization as a whole, but it looks like he’s still about to miss out on the action in the near future. He has not yet started baseball activities after receiving a cortisone shot last week. He told reporters that Trout will be seeing a specialist back this weekend, and he hopes to get permission to ramp up his work beyond the cardiovascular training he’s been doing.

Angels lost trout for most of last season. He played in 36 matches before suffering from a calf strain in May. While the club initially hoped to be able to return within two months, the injury lasted long enough to eventually shut him down for the season. Trout is back in 79 games so far in 2022, and it’s been a great year. With 326 board appearances, the 10-time All-Star hit .270/.368/.599 with 24 home runs. Among the hitters who have more than 300 trips to the board, only Jordan AlvarezAnd the Paul GoldschmidtAnd the Aaron Judge And the Raphael Devers You have a WRC+ above 167 in Trout – a sign that he was 67 percentage points better than the league batting average.

In a very familiar script, Trout’s superiority wasn’t enough to overcome the other flaws on the list. Halos enters play on Thursday with a 42-56 record that will surely lead to an eighth year in a row without reaching the post-season. The club’s position is in the rankings to increase their caution in re-trout as they did last year.


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