Mets acquire Tyler Naquin, Philip Dale from Reds

The Reds and Mets have both lined up in a player transfer deal Tyler Naken And the savior of the minor league Philip Del From Cincinnati to New York. In turn, the Reds acquire a pair of lower odds, the Right Jose Acuña And the second rule Hector Rodriguez. Both clubs announced the agreement.

Naquin has been one of the most visible commercial candidates throughout the league. The 31-year-old is set to arrive at free agency at the end of the season, so there was little reason why the last-place Reds shouldn’t look to a transfer for future value. He’ll head to Queens as the second left bat the Mets have added in as many weeks. New York picked up its first designated baseman/hitter Daniel Fogelbach In a deal with the hacker last Friday.

Previously selected in the first round for Cleveland, Naquin had an excellent rookie season in 2016. His offensive productivity was up and down for the rest of his time there, but he’s settled as a solid platoon hitter over the past two years. Naquin signed a minor league contract with Cincinnati during the 2020-21 season, breaking the opening roster last year. That paved the way for a season and a half of Red, posting a .262/.324/.462 streak with 655 board appearances.

This overall offensive productivity is a hair above average, and Naquin was very good at holding a platoon advantage. He has featured 23 Homers in 542 board appearances against the right pitcher over the past two seasons, collecting a mark of .278/.338/.503 against the right. That strength translated out of the Reds’ friendly Great American Ball, and the Mets’ character to take advantage of as a platoon player.

The Mets has one of the best stadiums in the game, with a trio Mark KanhaAnd the Brandon Nemo And the Starling Mart Guard the lawn. Canha and Marte will continue to get the lion’s share of playing time in the corners, but Naquin completes those veteran right bats. It will also complement the DH group which includes Vogelbach and Dominic Smith From the left side, as well as the right swing J.D. Davis.

The Naquin acquisition appears to increase the likelihood that at least one Smith or Davis will be dealt before next Tuesday’s deadline. The Mets had been looking for offensive assist for weeks, due in large part to dissatisfaction with Smith and Davis’ performances. Add a pair of DH/bench bats to an already full stadium and with a star Alonso’s house At first base more chaos that group. Smith and Davis both have minor league options left, and the Mets have already picked Smith this year. This is a possibility if the club simply wants to store as much depth as possible, but it also makes sense that they would be open to trade opportunities.

The Mets will apparently add a little more money to the payroll, as there is no indication that monetary considerations are changing. Naquin plays this season with a salary of $ 4.025 million, of which about $ 1.525 million is still to be paid. The Mets’ luxury tax number is just above the $290 million threshold, estimates Jason Martinez of Roster Resource. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, a team exceeding $290 million (the fourth and highest degree of CBT penalties) is taxed at an 80% rate for every dollar thereafter.

In addition to Naquin, the Mets add some unlisted bull depth. Diehl, who was left out of the Reds’ 40-player roster in May, will not immediately take a place in New York’s 40-man squad. He spent the greater part of the season with the Reds’ largest branch in Louisville, working a 4.24 ERA up to 23 1/3 innings. The 27-year-old has an excellent hitting rate of 30.6% against a good walk rate of 8.2%, although his volleyball-oriented style has made him somewhat prone to running at home.

The depth of the relief left in fluffy New York, with Julie Rodriguez The last waiver request Sam Clay The only two with Southern bulls on the 40-man list. Clay took a heavy hit in four games with Triple-A Syracuse and has yet to appear in an MLB game as the Met. Rodríguez, acquired from the Yankees shortly before the season, has a 5.93 ERA across 27 1/3 runs in the year. He hits hitters and puts them to the ground in a decent clip, but also walked past 16.3% of hitters. Left Relief Help numbers will continue to be a target over the next few days even as Diehl boosts organizational depth.

To create space for Naquin on the 40-man roster, the Mets announced that they had named the mitigator RJ Alvarez for commissioning. Right was named to the roster earlier this month but didn’t end up making an MLB appearance. He had a great season in Syracuse, working a 3.16 ERA through 31 1/3 frames. The Mets should put the 31-year-old on concessions in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the Reds are adding some talent to the lower levels. Rodríguez, an 18-year-old player, was recently ranked by Eric Longenhagen of FanGraphs as the 30th prospect in the Mets. Longenhagen writes that the left-handed hitter has excellent control at bat, but has limited power in the 5’8 frame. He was recently checked out from the Dominican Republic. Acuña, 19, was recently upgraded to Low-A. It never appeared on FanGraphs or Baseball America’s regulatory watch list.

It’s the first step into what are likely to be a busy few days for Cincinnati General Manager Nick Krall and his staff. Louis Castle And the Tyler Mahley They are the club’s top commercial candidates, but they also have a group of rental bats that should spark interest. After Naquin, Cincinnati could market the impending free agent hitter Brandon DruryAnd the Donovan Solano And the Tommy Fam for the competitors.

Robert Murray from FanSided I first mentioned that the Mets were acquiring Diehl. Joel Sherman from The New York Post She first mentioned that the Mets were acquiring Naquin. Mark Vinsand From He was the first to report the possibility back.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.

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