‘Minions’ Mints $640 Million Globally With Thor Closing $600 Million; ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Soars To $1.3 Billion This Week – International Box Office

Modernization, Writes: Hollywood films had another strong commentary session at the international box office this weekend, with mainly slight drops across the board — and some new or near-miss attractions as audiences continue to flock to movie theaters for varied fare (helps mercifully leave Mercury in Some areas). There have been no new wide exterior versions of this tire – Universal’s no It starts rolling out overseas in August.

Universal/Illumination’s leads the pack at marine turnstiles this weekend Minions: Rise of a puppy who added $42.1 million From 79 markets, down 25% and a $342.4 million com abroad. The global total as of Sunday is my estimate $640.3M. In particular , Korea Banana went with the biggest lighting opening day ever and the best weekend animation for the pandemic. For its part, the United kingdom It jumped by 13% – a recurring topic as we will see below.

Disney / Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder Back on the threshold of another teacher with appreciation $598.2M universal to this day. The marine part of it $322M distance $31.8M The third frame is now in 48 physical markets. The rate of holding this session -49% was better than the -53% that it witnessed Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness for the comparative framework. Makes gross all over the world bull 4 The sixth highest-grossing Hollywood release of 2022 so far.

The image directed by Taika Waititi has been opened in Ukraine This course, landing number 1, was held number 1 in hubs such as France, Italy, Australia and Indonesia.

Then there’s Paramount/Hypersonic Skydance Top Gun: Maverick. With a decrease abroad of only 19% $16.4 million In 65 overseas markets at the end of the ninth week, the Tom Cruise phenomenon saw a rise in certain markets from the previous session (UK/+24%, Netherlands/+14%, Hong Kong/+29%). The size of the international market to date is estimated at $647.1 million. This total has now exceeded the domestic draw so far for $1,282.7 Million Run global stats. Less than $20 million separates now TGM of $1.3 billion worldwide, and the film directed by Joseph Kosinski will surpass this week. It’s also close to $100 million in global IMAX receipts.

Universal / Amblin Jurassic World Dominion added 7 million dollars In 85 markets vs. 555.1 million dollars international and $920.6 million Globally, likely on its way to $1 billion as Japan’s release continues on July 29th.

It should also be noted that Warner Bros. Elvis Exceeded $200 million globally with a significant holding of 32% internationally in 73 markets. Overseas, close to $100 million $91.8M during Sunday.

Daisy Edgar Jones in the movie

Colombia pictures

In new releases, Sony Where Cordads sings It made its international debut in the UK, Australia and New Zealand with a strong reaction from the audience and landed $4.1 million From more than 1400 screens. The bestselling novel adaptation was the best at it Geese With 2.1 million dollars, followed by United kingdom With 1.7 million dollars and New Zealand $280,000 (including previews). The offering continues until October.

In terms of local cinema, Korea Sci-Fi/Fantasy Released Allenoid From director Choi Dong-hoon this weekend, taking first place with $7.4 million. She will face stiff competition at home from the upcoming historical actor Hansen: Ascending Dragon Which is showing this week and is a sequel to the biggest Korean movie ever, thunder currents.

in ChinaAnd the Detectives vs. Detectives He took the lead again on a rather slow weekend and has now made 580.4 million CNY ($86.5 million). This coming weekend brings sci-fi comedy to Alibaba Pictures Moon Man.


and in SpainSony Pictures International Productions The father is not more than one.3 It took the top spot in the second-year session, dropping 42% to the $6.9 million domestic total. That’s 44% before the previous installment and 48% before the original 11 days after the release. Pic is now the biggest domestic movie of the year on the market.

The crashes have been updated below.

Minions: Rise of the GRU

Minions: Rise of the GRU


With an impressive 25% drop from last weekend, puppy rise added $42.1 million This session is in 79 foreign consumption markets from $342.4 million to match both disciples And the despicable me 3 at the same point. reached the world $640.3M.

Korea The opening major for this session was $6.3 million, the largest lighting opening day ever and the best animated weekend of the pandemic as well as the second largest Illumination weekend on the market. It ended up being second place for the weekend behind a new local pic Allenoid. in TaiwanIt opened at number one with $1.7 million. The United kingdom It saw a 13% rise as temperatures cooled. The market size has reached $33.5 million so far. behind her Mexico With 32.3 million dollars and Australia At $26.8. Italy releases on August 18th.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder
Everett Group

Added fourquel from Disney/Marvel $31.8M In the third frame, down 49% for $322M abroad and $598.2M all over the world. The price of an IMAX machine is $38 million.

The latest MCU entry ranks first in markets such as France, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Central America as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa, and Turkey. In the Philippines, it is the second largest film about the epidemic.

The best holdings were in the Netherlands (-14%), Belgium (-17%), Argentina (-22%), Switzerland (-24%), the United Kingdom (-28%), Denmark (-29%), Chile (- 30%), Austria (-31%), Sweden (-31%), Norway (-32%) and Germany (-33%).

opening in UkraineIt made $300,000, 182% ahead of Top Gun: Maverick168% above Jurassic World Dominion And 156% more Dr. Gharib 2 With the return of the online market.

The 5 most important axes are United kingdom ($31.5 million), Australia ($25.5 million), Mexico ($23.2M), Korea ($22.3 million) and Brazil ($17.2M).


Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick

With another significant retention rate of -19%, TGM added $16.4 million In 65 markets to raise offshore capital to $647.1 million and global $1,282.7 Million reaching $1.3 billion this week. The IMAX cume is nearing a major milestone with US$98 million to date. The film reinterpreted the characters of the PLF in several axes.

The United kingdom It saw a significant rise, rising 24% to consume $91.9 million. Japan grossed $72.7 million (down 9% only), Australia Faster to $58.8 million, Korea Now at $53.3 million and France She has $48.5 Million US Dollars so far.

Jurassic world domination

Jurassic World Dominion


Dinosaurs ate another 7 million dollars In 85 markets, just 20% down from the previous session. Overseas is 555.1 million dollars It is on par with fallen kingdom At the same point (except for China). Global stands in $920.6 million.

in Argentina ($11 million) and Mexico ($42.8M), JWD It is the best movie of the year so far. ChinaAfter 7 weekends, she made $154.5 million. The United kingdom It jumped 10% to $40.3 million so far, followed by France Priced at $27.4 million and Australia and $24.6 million.

The much awaited Japanese release is this weekend.

black phone

black phone

black phone

The Universal / Blumhouse broadcaster had a good fifth weekend with several new editorials including Australia ($1.54 million) and Brazil ($1.3 million). The full session was $6.9 million (-27%) for marine quantities of $51.5 million Making it the largest non-complementary horror picture of the pandemic. Globally, the Ethan Hawke-starrer is in 130.1 million dollars.

Mexico Playing leads with $14.4 million. Korea on board for September.



Warner Bros.

Sparkled Warner Bros Biography To Add $6.7 million In 73 markets, with moving abroad $91.8M and global $210.2M.

The international drop was only 32%, including a strong regional dominance of -18% in Latin America and a UK increase of 15%.

All markets are now open with extension United kingdom Topping play at $21.8 million, followed by Australia ($18.7 million), France ($6.3M), Japan ($4.2 million) and Germany ($4.1 million).

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