MLB rumors: Juan Soto is Padres’ frontrunner; Will the angels exchange Shuhei Ohtani?

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is August 2, so we’re heading into the home extension as teams sort out whether they’re buyers, sellers or carriers and head toward some shifting deals. On Wednesday night, the Yankees swung into the All-Star deal for Andrew Benintende. This wasn’t a “first domino to fall” kind of move that would untangle the rest of the market, but it was nice to see things move in here with the deadline less than a week away.

More will come soon. Let’s take a look at the latest news from the MLB gossip mill.

Padres in front of Soto?

Obviously, the biggest name on the market is national superstar Juan Soto. There is smoke everywhere, and as many as a dozen teams have reportedly inquired with the Nats. Favorite is now debatable, but Buster Olney reports that “some competing CEOs view Padres” as “the front-runners” at this time.

It’s a rumor, that’s for sure. Thinking about adding Padres to Soto and getting Fernando Tates Jr. back from injury to add to the squad with Mane Machado is fun. They crossed 10 .500 games and survived Tates’ injury mostly with great brilliance.

Now, it should be noted that in the last year there was a perception that the Padres were leaders of Max Scherzer, and he even came close enough that many believed that the trade was taking place. Then the Dodgers pounced and grabbed Scherzer And the Tria Turner – So let’s just remember to avoid overreacting.

Do angels really trade Balotani?

There is a report that the angels will at least listen to trade shows on Shohei Ohtani. She says a deal is still highly unlikely but not entirely out of the question. The full story and breakdown is here.

Yankees have ‘strong’ interest in Castillo

The Yankees have shown “strong interest” and are “pressing hard” for Reds All-Star player Luis Castillo, reports. The report further indicates that the Reds are not necessarily ready to deal with Castillo just yet, and are instead likely to hold Castillo until the earliest of the trade. Reading between the lines, it looks like the Reds are ready to enjoy the bidding war on deadline day.

They are in a good position to do that, too. Castillo, 29, has a 2.86 ERA, 1.07 whip and 90 strikes in 85 innings this season. He’s a two-time All-Star and has shown the ability to throw like an ace for lunges and he’s not ready to hit free agency until after next season. As such, if the bids don’t satisfy the Reds, they can simply keep it.

Pretty much every competitor looking to start promoting will be at Castillo. In fact, there may also be some teams on the fringes of the competition looking to make a boost next season, given the state of Castillo’s contract.

Astros to move MLB SP to the center player?

The Astros have one of the best teams in baseball as the window for World Series competition remains wide open. They also have a “good problem” with a lot of start-ups in merchandising. They are currently using a six-man rotation and Lance McCullers Jr. is looking to be back soon with his forearm injury. Sure, they could take Odorizzi off the rotation, but that still means six big-league quality rookies and they don’t really have to get that many.

Especially if they can cement a weakness through trade. Ken Rosenthal reports that Jose Orchidi could be the man on the move, leaving Framber Valdez, Luis Garcia and Cristian Javier, among the talented and cost-controllable starters.

The report indicates that the Astros will be looking for a high-quality player or midfielder in return. A’s catcher Sean Murphy, Pirates center player Bryan Reynolds, and Orioles center player Cedric Mullins are mentioned. Rosenthal also reports that it is possible for the Astros to ship Urquidy to a third party to obtain prospects and use those prospects to acquire Reynolds or Murphy.

Lots of interest in Bard; Rocky can take it anyway

The Rockies’ affinity is drawing attention from “multiple teams”, Daniel Bard. According to

Bard, 37, is arguably the best year of his career, and at least the best since he was 25. He closed out 21 of his 23 block chances with 1.91 ERA, 1.04 WHIP and 43 hits against 18 unintentional walks in 37 2/3 runs. Moving to the contender might mean going into the setup role, but he thrived there for the Red Sox early in his MLB career.

naturally , Denver Post Reports That the Rockies and Bard could end up extending the contract. Such a Bard age move would be a bit of a surprise, but if the trade packages offered weren’t up to snuff and both sides wanted to continue the marriage, it would probably work.

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