Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyoncé Removed Lyrics About Clinton Affair After ‘Able’ Backlash to ‘Renaissance’

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Monica Lewinsky added her voice to Beyoncé’s backlash and pleaded with the singer to remove one of the lyrics from her 2013 song “Partition,” which dealt with the scandal involving former President Bill Clinton.

After criticism from the disability rights community over Beyoncé’s use of the term “able” in a new song on her album “Renaissance,” Lewinsky asked fans to look more into the singer’s history with offensive remarks.

On Monday, Lewinsky tweeted to her 1 million followers, noting the lyrics to the song released on Bay’s fifth album, “Ah, while we’re at it…Part.”

“He unbuttoned all my buttons, ripped my blouse. Monica Lewinsky had my whole dress on,” Beyoncé sings on the track.

Monica Lewinsky, left, wants Beyoncé to remove a song from

Monica Lewinsky, left, wants Beyoncé to remove a lyric from the 2013 song “Partitions” that references the Bill Clinton affair.
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Monica Lewinsky recalls Clinton’s ‘lethal charm’ that ‘left her’ touched: ‘I was excited with him’

The former president had an affair with Lewinsky while she was an intern at the White House from 1995-1997. At the time, Clinton denied the allegations, but Linda Tripp, a former Pentagon employee, secretly recorded conversations with Lewinsky, during which Lewinsky revealed confrontations in the Oval Office.

The Lewinsky This case was one of a series of missteps that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment by the House of Representatives before he was eventually acquitted in the Senate.

Beyoncé released the 14-track album with accompanying visuals in 2013, which was certified double platinum and topped the world music charts.

Beyoncé confirmed that she will be removing ‘Able’ for a new song for her Album “The Renaissance” Post online reaction from the disabled rights community.

BEYONCE will remove “Able” and Offensive from the song on the album “RENAISSANCE” that follows the backline online

The 40-year-old artist will change the word “spaz” from the eleventh track on the album “Heated” to another term.

“The word, which was not intentionally used in a malicious manner, will be replaced,” Beyoncé’s representative told Fox News Digital.

In the song, co-written by rapper Drake, Beyoncé sings the following line: “Spazzin’ on that ass, spazz on that ass.”

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The word is often used as a negative reference for people with disabilities.

So Beyonce used the word ‘spaz’ in her new song Heated, ‘Hannah Diviney chirp. “I feel like a slap in the face, for the disabled community and the progress we’ve tried with Lizzo. I think I’ll keep telling the entire industry to ‘do better’ until the capable insults are gone from the music.”

Another online user wrote against people defending the word: “Yes, I’m a black autistic person who was also called ‘spaz’ who grew up calling me annoying and annoying.” “The word is slander. Leave it and leave some sympathy with the people who have been hurt by that word instead.”

16-track albumReleased Friday, it is Beyoncé’s first solo release since 2016’s “Lemonade” and is her seventh studio album.


Larry Fink of Fox News contributed to this report.

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