‘Pearl’, the secret first part of ‘X’, released its demo as scary as hell

So often in the age of Marvel’s half-baked and useless post-credits scenes, it’s not worth staying in the cinema until the lights of the house come back on. But if you are determined enough to survive until the last credits upon sight XTi West’s cult homage to ’70s horror from early this year, you’ve been rewarded with a Technicolor treat. Teaser trailer for the secret initial part of the movie, Pearlpopped up on screen for a minute of excitement overpowered by Americana, and the pitchfork.

Four months later, the full trailer for the movie is finally out, and it looks like it’s a fun time. just us X It was a stylistic homage to the beloved porn flicks of the ’70s, Pearl Its location is inspired by setting Mia Goth within the colorful and vibrant genre of filmmaking that wowed audiences when Dorothy trekked across the yellow brick road on her way to Oz.

Set in Texas in the era of World War I, Pearl Explores the backstory of the old villain from X– She also played Goth, in the make-up of a sudden masked aging — who stalked and killed the cast and crew of a homemade porn movie that shot her farm. Even in her old age, Pearl was relentlessly vicious, lively, and downright vicious, so it was no surprise that she was equally vicious in her youth.

He opens the trailer with Pearl beside her bed with her hands folded in prayer. “Please, Lord, make me the biggest star the world has ever known,” she pleads to heaven, “so that I may make her far, far from this place.” Pearl stays in her family’s country house (the same house where the massacre took place X signed), where she takes care of her rigid father and strict mother. “If only they were dead,” she said to her suitor, before a shot of her pushing her father out into the nearby swamp, considering the option of making alligator breakfast.

When the film crew comes to town looking for girls for a production, Pearl sees her exit ticket, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. It seems that Pearl has always had a mortal mania with adoration that aroused her XAnd her original story is an investigation into those bloody beginnings.

Forced to compete with other local girls from the neighboring town for a role in the film – in addition to the domineering hand of her mother – Pearl embarks on a terrifying self-examination that finds her equal lust for power and pleasure grappling with death. Results. What follows is to capture all the unforgettable horror photos: the postman bomber, rotten meat full of maggots on the dinner plate, sex with a scarecrow, a tub full of dead geese, and Full Lots of pitchforks.

Judging by the trailer alone, Pearl It would be a fitting star car for Mia Goth, who starred in her dual roles in X (where she also played Maxine, a porn actress modeled for stardom) and has become one of the most compelling forms of presence in Hollywood. She is the latest in a series of unforgettable scream queen roles, including 2018 sobs Remake and 2016 cure for wellness. As this younger version of Pearl, she once again expertly turns the spectrum from endearing to terrifying, flipping the switch with a dead smile.

Even with just a few streaks and no proper backstory, Goth and T. West manage to turn Pearl into an amazingly sympathetic villain in XLeaving the audience away from the film wondering how society rejects and ignores the elderly and the elderly. West told The Daily Beast in March that he credits Goth with selling the character and its story, keeping the fun frolic from feeling silly or laughable.

Pearl He was shot back with X It was kept under wraps until the film debuted at SXSW earlier this year, and West told The Daily Beast that plans were already in the works for a third chapter to crown the trilogy, making it the first proper franchise for A24. Wherever Pearl (or one of her similar accessories) ends up next, it’s a safe bet that the body count will continue to rise as she tries to make her way to her dreams. She’s not wrong when she screams at the trailer’s final moments, the whole world will know her name!

Pearl It hits theaters on September 16th.

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