PSA: Don’t Buy The New $450,000 Gun In GTA Online, It Blows

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earlier this week, Rockstar Games has released the latest big update for Grand Theft Auto Online, the super popular open world MMO game. The new update brought some much-needed changes and features to the game that is nearly a decade old. It also added a new semi-automatic rifle to the streets of Los Santos digital that cost nearly half a million dollars and…utterly bad. It’s so bad, that many are confused as to why it was added.

Free criminal enterprise update for GTA Online It launched on July 26 and brought with it a lot of improvements and new features to the game, many of which have been requested by fans for years. The update includes things like the ability to do sales missions in a private session and the ability to finally run around the casino or into nightclubs. It also added new features of the path builder and simplified snacking and using shields. All and everything, it’s not a fancy or exciting update, but a smart update that helps keep the aging game playable and fun.

The update also added a new weapon that really sucks.

precision rifle It is, in theory, supposed to be a high-precision semi-automatic sniper rifle that can be used in medium to long-range combat. And for an astonishingly high price of $450,000 (without discountsMany players may expect some decent bang for the buck for their money. I know I did when I picked up the gun the moment I logged in after the update was live. What I and the other guys actually got for that high price was pretty awful.

The first red flag appeared before the shots were fired. After I bought it, I went to spend some extra cash upgrading it and adding some accessories, like a periscope or a silencer. This is a very common part of GTA Online Essentially, all of my other guns have similar options. But the precision rifle has none of this. All you can do is switch the colors on it. there No scope, extended mag, flares, or anything. This made me nervous, but at the time I thought maybe he was just too good to have those things. I’ve read the title and made it up to date so I don’t have to tell you – but I will anyway – I was wrong. that’s wrong.

Rockstar Games / IQW

In my first gunfight against some random cops who started attacking me for no reason at all (don’t look at all the corpses around me) I quickly found out that this rifle has a very slow rate of fire. It also does not look more accurate or accurate than most of my other rifles and pistols. Against other players, it also doesn’t seem to do much damage, taking three or four physical shots to kill a dwarf trying to annoy you. Although it looks cool, this is all about that expensive firearm.

within GTA Online social communication, Feedback from players is mostly negative. The vast majority of online gamers feel that the gun is a slash-and-bust waste of money, compared to cheaper rifles that have similar or even superior stats. I saw one player Compare it to a nerf amplifier. Not a great review for something that’s supposed to be a lethal weapon.

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Adding to the negative reaction is that players were expecting a different weapon to also be a part of this new update. This gun is the M16-like service rifle, a handgun that Rockstar teased in screenshots released prior to the release of Criminal Enterprises. But after the modernization took place, the gun was nowhere to be found. It turns out, across data factors, The service rifle is coming and it will be a reward for completing the scavenger hunt.

Strange that some players are reporting this when they download the game after the update They found a service rifle already in their inventory. This version of the gun appears to have been bugged and is likely an unintended mistake. But at least it’s hard to complain about a lying and mobile pistol when it’s “free.”

my box I reached out to Rockstar about the Service Rifle and if there were any plans to update or change the poorly received Precision Rifle. Until something changes, I suggest you save your money and buy something else. yay At least Rockstar nerfed terrible OP jet bike!

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