“Real life” photos of Chucky went viral on the internet after residents spotted him wandering around an Alabama neighborhood

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He’s back – the deadly possessed doll who terrorized moviegoers in 1988’s “Child’s Play” is now roaming the streets of an Alabama neighborhood where “real-life” images of Chucky have proliferated.

The human Chucky who was seen in the photos standing on the side of a residential neighborhood road in Benson, Alabama, waiting for cars to pass, was actually a 5-year-old boy named Jackson, who brought fear and laughter to the people in his community. .

Kendra Walden, a resident who witnessed the baby, wrote on Facebook: “Parent of the little boy dressed as Chucky in Benson, bring your baby. I almost had a heart attack.”


“We took some pictures of him,” she added. “We thought it was very funny.”

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And she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the fake horror as the photos she posted received more than 15,000 comments and 103,000 shares.

“Can you imagine seeing this in person?” One user replied.

Another said, “This is terrifying and wonderful at the same time.”

Chucky from Syfy News Series

Chucky from the Syfy news series “Chucky” based on the “Child’s Play” movie franchise.
(Photo: SYFY/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Jackson’s mother, Britney Reed, told WDHN that Jackson was Chucky for Halloween and that he often wore his costume around the house and around the community.

“That’s just kind of his personality,” Reid said. “He wears different outfits all week. He loves to make people laugh.”

Devon Sawa, left, as Lucas Wheeler, Chucky, center, and Theo Briones as Junior Wheeler on the Syfy series

Devon Sawa, left, as Lucas Wheeler, Chucky, center, and Theo Briones as Junior Wheeler on the Syfy series “Chucky.”
(Photo: SYFY/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

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Reade said she was first notified of the viral photos when she was at work and was shown to her by a co-worker, saying that wearing Chucky’s clothes in the neighborhood is a thing for her son. Will be an act.

Then I noticed it I was Her son is in the pictures.

She told the outlet, “I zoomed in and said, ‘Oh my God, this is my baby.'” Then Red called her mum who was keeping an eye on Jackson. Her mum confessed to helping him with the costume, so he could keep an eye on his neighborhood.

Chucky from the Syfy series

Chucky from the Syfy series “Chucky” talking to other Chucky dolls.
(Photo: SYFY/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Reed said the reaction has been overwhelming, with mostly positive comments, some negative reactions and some invitations for birthdays and events.


Jackson, who the family says is “famous on Facebook,” politely declined the invitations but said he would continue to intimidate those in his community.

Chucky, the character, made his cinematic debut in 1988 before starring in several feature films. He has also appeared in cameo shows and his TV show, as of 2021, is set to begin its second season this fall.

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