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If there is one thing baby play Fans can agree that Chucky needs Tiffany, and they both need Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly. SyFy Series Producers chuckywhich is a continuation of the original baby play Looks like the story and not the reboot, you get that, and we’ll have a lot of all fours this fall. SyFy released a trailer for season 2 of chucky This weekend, in the midst of San Diego Comic-Con, the response was just what I’ve come to expect from fans. Season 2 premieres October 5 on both SyFy and USA Networks, according to MovieWeb.

The series was a hit with fans for capturing the sense and sinister humor of the original 1988 movie, and the trailer promises more of that in season two, and then some. It also has a lot of connections to previous films, including the return of several of the original cast as well as Brad Dourif (who is obviously a must) and Jennifer Tilly. Alex Vincent, who played Andy Barclay in the original movie and several sequels, appeared in season one and is set to appear this season as well. Fiona Dreff, daughter of Brad Dorf, joined the franchise in 2013 damn complain It appears in the series as well. With most of the surviving cast returning, Season 2 appears to focus on the new army of Chucky dolls that are ready to take over the world.

Fans are excited about the trailer, based on the videos’ response to reactions on Twitter and YouTube. The appearance of Jennifer Tilly seems to bring a lot of excitement, as her loose-knit character gives the series an even crazier edge. They also noted the appearances of some of the fan-favorite characters returning for Season 2, including a brief glimpse of twins Glenn and Glenda, Chucky and Tiffany, who now have human bodies and drive a car with an “their/them” license plate. It was recently announced that Lachlan Watson (Netflix’s Sabrina’s Spooky AdventuresYou will play both roles.

Other returning actors include Zachary Arthur (Jake), Bjorgvin Arnarson (Devon), Alia Allen Lind (Lexi), Devon Sawa (playing a new character), Kristen Elise (Kyle), and Barbara Allen Woods (May Cross). It was previously announced that Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano, Sutton Struck and Meg Tilly, Jennifer Tilly’s real sister, will appear. Gershon and Pantoliano (the matrixAppeared with Jennifer Tilly in restricted in 1996, making a kind of mini-reunion in the series.

Although Jennifer Tilly may be best known for playing Tiffany, she has had a long and successful acting career. Having started with multiple TV roles in shows including Hill Street Blues And the It’s Gary Shandling’s ShowShe caught everyone’s attention with her roles in 1988 johnny be good And the Fabulous Baker Boys In 1989. Her other roles in Lead over Broadway and Jim Carrey Wild Wild It made her one of the hottest actresses of the ’90s, along with her role as Tiffany, beginning in 1998. chucky bride. She is also currently active on the professional poker tour circuit when not representing.

The new trailer looks like it’s actually taking fans to the streets. A viral Facebook post from last weekend shows what appears to be a real chucky stalking the streets of Benson, Alabama. According to a local news station, it turns out he’s just a kid dressed up as Chucky that he bought for Halloween. Sadly, there’s never been a girl disguised as Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany, although SyFy is happy enough for the free publicity posted in the aftermath of the trailer.

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