Sesame Place controversy: Family attorney says new video confirms two black girls were turned away by craft at theme park

LANGORNE, Pennsylvania (CBS) – A new video and additional details were posted Friday showing another angle after a video went viral claiming that a character in the Sesame Place area of ​​the Bucks turned down two black girls. Earlier this week, Jodi Brown, the mom who captured the original video, said the character Rosetta was walking a parade route, cuddling other children, but deliberately ignoring her daughter and niece.

Brown believes it was due to the color of their skin, but Sesame Place officials claim it was a misunderstanding.

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Civil rights activists plan to “close” Sesame Place in Langhorne on Saturday at 12 p.m. in response to the incident.

The family’s attorney, Belfory Lamar, released a video showing a new angle of the moment. They say the new video confirms that the character has ignored the girls, and refutes Sesame Place’s allegations.

At the end of this new video, he says, it shows a character embracing a child of a different gender after passing the two black girls.

“This video is disturbing for a number of reasons. It indicates that the company will do and say anything to escape accountability,” Lamar said in a statement. “Acts like this undoubtedly cause more pain and suffering to the victims. The still footage from the video clearly shows that Skyler and Nella were almost two feet away from the purple-shirted Caucasian lady, who was the last person to receive the Big Five award from Rosetta.”

CBS3 has contacted Sesame Place for a response, but in previous statements, the theme park has apologized and said what happened was unacceptable.

Among the millions who have grown up watching Sesame Street is activist Gary Fraser, Jr. of Camden.

“I know I’m 46, I’m still trying to figure out how to get to Sesame Street, but I’ll definitely learn how to get there at 46 tomorrow,” Frazier said.

Fraizer did not elaborate on how the activists plan to close the park, though leaflets were distributed and one said armed black panther groups would attend.

He says these groups exercise Second Amendment rights.

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“We don’t know what we’re going to move into tomorrow, in such a rural area, but we know we have a group of people who ensure our safety,” Frazier said.

Teacher and broadcaster Will Mega, who is mentioned in the handouts, is not involved in organizing this shutdown. He has asked the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission to investigate Sesame Place.

While he supports the economic boycott, he urges people to leave their weapons at home.

“I think our kids have been traumatized enough,” Mega said. “I would suggest you keep your kids at home and shoot Sesame Place in the pocket.”

“The damage has already been done so they should feel exactly what these kids’ faces felt,” Frazier said.

Activists across the country have called for the identification of the person dressed as Rosetta, and an immediate end to contact with him, according to a press release.

A spokesperson for the lawyer representing the girls’ family said they were only informed on Friday of the closure and they are looking into it.

Eyewitness News has requested comments from Langhorne Borough Police and Sesame Place and is awaiting responses.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump will join the family’s attorney at a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

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CBS3’s Brandon Goldener contributed to this report.

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