Shania Twain ‘Exchanged Couples With Her Ex-girlfriend After An Affair’

Image credit: Jason Merritt/TERM - Getty Images

Image credit: Jason Merritt/TERM – Getty Images

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You know her, love her, and probably memorize her songs.

But Shania Twain’s love life is really country song material.

Her new documentary on Netflix Not just a girl which fell on July 26, chronicling her childhood in Ontario and her rise to stardom.

Follow Legends never die A singer from her big break to her amazing album get closer to mewhich has sold more than 20 million units and cemented Shania’s title as a global phenomenon, according to painting.

The documentary also covers the less glamorous and magical parts of her life, such as her messy divorce from her producer, the struggle to get her voice back, and her dreaded Lyme disease diagnosis.

Shania has been married twice – and how she met her current husband is really outrageous.

She married her first husband, Matt Lange, in 1993.

Shania’s first husband, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, is 73 years old. He is a composer and music producer from Zambia who has worked on several notable soundtracks and singles, according to IMDb.

He was also the co-writer and producer of Shania for many of her hit songs, such as any man for meAnd the You’re still the only one, man! I feel like a woman, don’t impress me too much And more, according to CNN.

The couple met in 1993 when Mutt hooked up with Shania after hearing songs from her debut album. After the two started working together, Shania’s career skyrocketed very quickly, according to her Daily Mail UK.

Their relationship became romantic six months after they first met, and they married in December of 1993.

Image credit: Gareth Davies - Getty Images

Image credit: Gareth Davies – Getty Images

Shania and Matt have a son together.

In 2001, Shania and Matt gave birth to their only son, Iga, who is pronounced “Asia”. He is now 20 years old.

After Shania’s vocal cords began to falter, she thought her career was over and dedicated her time to raising Iga in Switzerland, according to her AARP.

Well, how cute are they?

Are Shania and Matt still together?

They were married for 14 years before Shania’s death told that their relationship was over. The two split in 2008, People mentioned.

This was around the same time Shania left the spotlight and was struggling with damaged vocal cords due to her Lyme disease, according to her. CNN.

Shania’s ex-husband cheated on her with her best friend’s wife.

Shania learned about this case from her current husband, Frederic. He spread the devastating news that Mott was having an affair with her best friend and personal assistant (who was married to Frederick at the time), AARP.

Shania talked about her grief and divorce from her first husband in an interview with People. “When I lost Mott… it was like losing my father,” she said. “It was like death.”

She was worried that she would never recover or “crawl out of this hole”. But she did. And heal her vocal cords along with her heart.

I’m already feeling faint. She considers him her best friend, and what could be sweeter than that?

Shania married Frederic Thibaud in 2011.

Frédéric is a 51-year-old businessman from Switzerland linked in.

After her engagement in 2020, Chyna married Frederic Thibaud in 2011. She turned to him at a dark time as she was dealing with Lyme disease that had damaged her voice, and her divorce.

The two formed a strong relationship that started as a friendship and grew into love. She told Shania that finishing together was “twisted, but twisted so beautifully” AARP.

Really an IC, as Shania’s hat reads, and you’ll soon understand why.

They are cute together. just look!

He was previously married to Mary Ann Thibaud until they separated due to Mary Ann’s affair with Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

Fred and Mary Ann have a daughter together.

Her name is Joanna Thibaud, and she is 10 years old, according to A People Article – commodity.

Shania, Farid, Ega and Juna have gotten closer over the years and have taken many trips together as a united family. Destinations included shopping trips in New York City and a beautiful lakeside cottage in Canada.

Shania noticed how their similar situations at the exact same time helped them understand and support each other better than anyone else.

This love story is just one of many fairy tales told in Shania’s new documentary. Check it out tonight on Netflix.

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