Someone overcame delusion without the cute cat doing any harm

An orange cat is escaping from a large group of strange and small alien-like insects.

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stray Take full control of the internet, as it looks like everyone on my timeline is currently playing the futuristic cat adventure. But one YouTuber took what is, for most people at least, a rather cold cat game and made it even more difficult by figuring out a way to beat the entire game without causing any harm.

After a few years of hype and trailers, cat simulator stray It was released last week on PS5 and PC to stir up comments and lots of love online. fast people I started modifying the game And we shared screenshots of the cool game city, along with videos of just her Being silly kittens. But while many players were leisurely exploring a dense world strayAnd the YouTuber Hayate Bahadori He would spend hours upon hours training and perfecting a way to beat the game without getting hurt or dying.

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According to Bhaduri, it took nearly 20 hours of training and attempts to complete the July 23 operation without damage stray on the computer. If you have played strayYou probably already know what he’s been up to most of his time: avoid all those pesky little Zurk creatures. In fact, Bhaduri says that the hardest part of the entire race takes place early on during the game’s first “Zur Run”, the same part associated with an achievement named Can’t Cat Chi Me.

“this is [first run in Chapter 2] It is the hardest because of the density of the zorks and how narrow the area in which they are moving,” Bhaduri said my box.

There are a total of three zork tours in strayAnd while it’s a little easier than the first one you encounter, it causes all three problems and can end the process of doing no harm. Bhaduri’s rules state that if any of these petty slackers are just touches cat, then the game ends and he has to restart completely. Because most stray Free of danger, this Zurk Runs game is the main drawback to beat the whole game without damaging a single hair on the cat’s head.

“This run basically boils down to the zorks,” Bhaduri said. “Once you get past them, except for jailbreaking, the run is simple.”

While a later threat to the game appears in the form of vigilantes, the YouTuber explained that it’s fairly easy to infiltrate. So it’s all about mastering how to dance by all those annoying zorks.

“You really need to understand how Zurk AI works and how to trick it into doing what it wants,” Bhaduri said. “Understanding AI and how to navigate through regions does not automatically guarantee success because there is a significant RNG component to the way Zurks spawn around you.”

One of the main techniques he developed during his attempts was to move left and right quickly, as this movement appears to throw AI NPCs for a ring and can help you sneak around without being touched.

If Bhaduri seems to be very good at hitting stray Without getting hurt, it would probably be worth doing this thing more often. A lot of his YouTube videos are dedicated to showing how he finishes games like God of War And the Spider Man without damage or death. Earlier this year, he achieved an amazing feat By defeating all the main lines Doctrine killer Games without taking a single point of damage.

As for Bhaduri, not only does he do it because he enjoys deconstructing and mastering game systems, but he also says he loves getting the chance to teach people how to do what he does, and is always excited when people ask him questions about his running.

“I am a real-life simulation engineer,” Bahaduri explained. “[I] I have a lot of fun deconstructing games through gameplay to see how the game is coded and where I can bend AI games and systems to pull these kinds of runs.”

While he is finished with stray At this point, he’s now learning how to beat more games without taking damage. He is currently working on Batman Arkham series and has plans to run future games, including Gotham Knights And the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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