The Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation 5 bundle is now available at Best Buy

Still looking for a PlayStation 5? Today could be your lucky day: you now have a chance to purchase the disc-based PS5 as part of the Horizon Forbidden West bundle for $549.99. Even better, unlike some of Best Buy’s previous console restocks, this one is available to the general public online after waiting in a short queue.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to grab a PS5 today, there are a few things you can do to reduce the time it takes to check out and thus improve your chances. First, be sure to sign in beforehand to make sure both your billing and shipping details are up to date. Also, be sure to click the “Add to Cart” button to actually get into the queue as well, and be prepared for potential verification of your account while you’re in line.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s next-generation home console, which includes a disc drive, allows you to play both digital and physical games for your PS4 and PS5.

Once you are in the queue, do not refresh the page because it is using an automated system. You shouldn’t have multiple tabs open either, because Best Buy’s recently updated queuing system doesn’t always work well when you do that. However, keep your phone nearby in case you encounter problems on your PC or laptop.

If you’re cruising online, you might also want to check out the brick-and-mortar Best Buy store, as stock has begun to become more available in recent weeks. If you’re not keen on calling your local stores one by one, sites like are regularly updated with stock information for the PS5 and other ordered items from a variety of retailers.

Some indispensable PS5 accessories and games

If you’re lucky enough to get a PS5 today, you might want to stock up on some essential PS5 accessories and games, some of which are currently on sale and listed below.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Insomniac Games’ latest adventure in Questions and clatter The series is the most enjoyable entry yet. It’s also the first to launch on PS5, and it’s a showcase of stunning graphics and fast loading speeds.

Deathloop (Standard Edition, PS5)

Arcane Studios Latest Edition – The Team Behind It victim And the insulting A masterpiece in many ways, an exciting open-world puzzler packed with action and just the right amount of weirdness.

Sony Pulse 3D Headset

This Sony wireless gaming headset is designed to display the 3D sound effect of PS5 and also works on PS4.

PlayStation Plus (12-month subscription)

Membership to PlayStation Plus allows PlayStation 4 and PS5 owners to play games online, download free titles every month, and take advantage of discounts on the PS Store. PS5 owners also get access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, the best selection of PS4 titles.

Update July 22, 1:01pm ET: The article has been updated with a note regarding the status of the restocking going on in physical stores, as well as a link to the GPU Drops website.

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