The most common warm water fish

Warm -water fish are a good choice as pets, but they require more care than cold-water fish . Are you thinking of setting up a fish tank at home? We will tell you about the most common warm water fish and their care.

Basic care of warm water fish

First of all, these fish will need a specific tank that is capable of withstanding the right temperature for them to live.

You will also need a thermostat so that the water is kept at a constant temperature, between 24 and 28ºC .

Also, when selecting which fish you want to have, you should consider that  there are some species that do not get along very well with others. Ideally, you should consult a specialist before selecting these animals at random.

What kind of warm water fish are there?

If you want to keep warm water fish, here are some of the most common species :


This species is native to South America . Their habitat should be at a temperature between 22 and 30ºC and swim in a fish tank of at least 400 liters.

Its color is dark with some orange spots and it is often said that it is quite intelligent , as it seems capable of associating its owners with food.


This is one of the best known warm water fish. Surely it will ring a bell for ‘Nemo’! Their colors are most striking and, in addition, they are very calm animals .

These fish can grow up to 11 centimeters and live for no more and no less than 10 years . For them you will need a fish tank of at least 200 liters, with a temperature of around 27 degrees .

most common warm water fish

Angel or Climb

This is one of those warm water fish that you have to be careful with if you are going to mix it with other species. Why? It is quite territorial and can fight with other fish… and even eat their young!

Its size is 15 cm and it usually lives between 5 and 8 years . The water, fresh in its case, will oscillate at a temperature between 24 and 28 ºC .


Do you know where the name of this fish comes from? It comes from the sharp spines that they have at the base of their tail . These can become a weapon if they feel threatened!

Their lively color will stand out in your fish tank and, in addition, they can reach 20 cm in size . They are quite long-lived fish, but somewhat aggressive and need an aquarium of between 600-800 liters at 24-28ºC .

surgeonfish warm water fish


This fish is one of the favorites of experts . It is a fairly expensive fish and also requires a lot of care.

They can reach 15 cm in size and 12 years of age if they are well cared for (for which they need a 200-litre fish tank with 28ºC water).

Kissing Gourami

Why ‘Kisser’? Due to the shape of its curious lips, it seems that it moves through the water constantly looking for kisses. You will find it so much fun to watch!

This is a river fish , white in color, common in the waters of Thailand and Malaysia. The water in the fish tank should be kept between 22 and 28 degrees to make it a pleasant habitat for him.


With this fish you will have a guaranteed touch of color in your fish tank. Of course, they are somewhat delicate fish and do not usually exceed 4 years of life.

Its habitat is usually coral reefs , so your fish tank cannot be without decorations that remind you of this. Its water cannot have a temperature below 24 degrees or above 28.

butterfly fish

Which of these warm water fish do you like the most?

If what you prefer are  cold water fish , remember that they are also wonderful and a good option to have at home!

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