The Sailors are close to a 4-2 win over the Astros

The good news is that the Mariners only have three more games against the Astros this year (Until October). The bad news is that they lost this.

I know I usually end these summaries with a “words of wisdom” section about how “long baseball seasons are, and individual losses don’t matter much.” But today I want to load that up front.

Sailors, bless their hearts, are seated at the second of the three wild card slots, and the two teams are behind the losers tonight as well. Was the win good enough to build a gap? surely. definitely. But in the context of the whole season, losing tonight is a good thing. We knew this road trip was going to be tough. He played seven games against the Astros and Yankees nasty. But then the sailors have the best chance of anyone getting to power to the end. So let’s just keep that in mind as we talk about tonight’s game.

In my last recap, Altuve hit the ground running. Fortunately, he didn’t do it again tonight. We didn’t get away with the first half, though, as Yordan Alvarez was doubled down by Alex Bregman on a home run over the Crawford boxes to give the Astros an early lead.

Logan Gilbert didn’t have his best on the hill tonight. He only had one clean turn in his six innings of action, and he kept moving the change and sliding bar, without giving Cale any help. But at the end of the day, that trip to Bergman was the only time he’d given up the important blow. It’s not easy to keep the Astros only two-stroke, especially since he had to deal with a fair amount of traffic. He was also very excited about getting that strike at the end of his outing.

Ben Murphy came to rest on the seventh day, who sewed a little more than usual today, and got a pair of Flying Softballs with the inside, with a delicious little K mix of Maldonado. Andres was less good, but we’ll come back to that later.

Sailor bats were (sometimes) present. JP had two hits from the balls that pushed him down the third base streak, Cal hit a nice little double, and even Adam Frazier got it with one nice little streak, the kind of hit he took.

Although the most important were non-visits. Here’s a racquetball spray scheme from Mariner, highlighting a few.

It’s like they’re trying to avoid the chests
baseball world

As we learned from Bregman at the beginning, it’s really easy to get a home race in Houston if you just hit him on the left. Or you can at least, as Ty did in the sixth, bounce it off the scoreboard at the base of the chests. You’d think this park was made for people like Julio and Eugenio, right-hand hitters who hit fly balls. But no, a couple of 400 feet high to center them. Maybe they’re just good at squaring the ball for this garden. And then you have Adam Fraser, leaning on a fastball and sending it as far as he can, only to have Kyle Tucker, bored out of his mind as he takes Homer Adam.

Just a few more inches, on both the Ty single and Adam flying, the Mariners and Astros can still play for now. I think that’s the way baseball goes.

So where did these two runoffs from the Mariner come from? Well, they both came in the third inning. Frazier drove things up with that aforementioned song, and walked into Dylan Moore bringing Julio to the plate with two runs and no offs. Jose Orchidi decided not to do what John Gray did yesterday, only nibbled on the outside corner, and Julio walked five pitches.

Ty walked in with bases loaded and none out, hitting a sack fly on the spray scheme above which was almost an issue for quarterback Jake Myers. Julio and DMo both advanced in the play, so when Santana hit a straight ball home to Gurriel, there was no chance of a double play, allowing another run to score. Eugenio paused, finished the break, and good offense of the day.

And what about the other two races for Houston? we will.

Andres Muñoz came eighth, and he had no command. He leaned on the fastball a little more than he normally would, and he couldn’t spot it. Hitting the lead paste, he pats the Gurriel on his hand. Yuli then stole second place with Cal swaying in the transfer, allowing him to get in without a throw.

That came back to haunt the M as Bregman, a threat, hit a volley into that weird area to the right of Crawford’s squares to score Gurriel. Maybe if Yuli was still at the start he might not be able to score, because he had to wait to see if the ball actually went down. It didn’t matter anyway, as Kyle Tucker’s penalty kick took Bregman into third.

Which made him score on the floor of another missed throw by Muñoz. He got away with Cal, who really struggled from behind the board, scored Bregman, and collided with Andres in the play, injuring his leg; No word if anything major. Muñoz pitched the rest of the inning, so it looks like he’s fine. But either way, two rounds were scored, and the sailors only had one run to make up for it. As is usual in these recent matches against the Astros, they handed a tie to the board late in the game, but they couldn’t push anything.

Therefore, the sailors lost. whatever. Their big fight this season is not with the Astros. Sorry about Jay Boehner reading this, but I don’t think we’re coming for the department this year. Despite that, Wild Card is good. I think we can all stand up for more wildlife in our lifetimes. Not just unbridled pitches, please.

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