The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on Saturday 23 July 2022

We’ll take out one of the oldest cliches of them all during the Moon in Gemini, and it’s “Curiosity killed the cat.” On July 23, 2022, we will be working with a very interesting transit, the transit of the Moon in Gemini.

While this transit can work miracles in terms of how we communicate our great ideas, we may also become somewhat fascinated by our voices; What we like or believe in simply should be of interest to others, and if we discover that there are people around us who are not buying what we sell, we may go crazy.

Many of us will feel very excited during this transit, however, this inspiring state of mind may bring out the reckless in us; We crave adventure and want our friends to join in the fun.

During the Moon in Gemini, we aim higher than we can photograph, so to speak.

Today is the kind of day when one wrong move leads to frustration and fatigue. We feel as if we are all alone in our euphoric enthusiasm, but there’s a reason for that: They’re not us.

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