The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Wednesday 27 July 2022

The new moon in Leo is celebrated this evening as it becomes nuanced tomorrow, leading to energies of change and greater achievement.

Leo is a heart-opening energy.

Someone who asks you to align with your greatest feelings so that you can tap into them, and embrace the strength you possess.

You will become more courageous and also yearn for a more passionate life which will not only extend to your personal life but will also help you in your career.

There is a dynamic energy associated with the fiery sign of Leo that brings out themes of openness, love, determination, courage, risk-taking, warmth, generosity and pride.

Through this path, you can take this energy and utilize it to apply to your own life.

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Think about where you’ve been settling down or delaying happiness for another time and instead recognize your inner worth so you can create the life you dream of now rather than in the distant future.

Leo rules the heart and thus affects the aspects of your life that are closest to it, such as children, family, and even your relationship.

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