The truth is finally revealed to Nier Automata as a ‘Secret Door’ and ‘The Church’ has been revealed to be a demo of new game-changing fan mods

Fans now finally know the truth behind Automata yoke The mystery that has been driving the community into the wild for the past week. In a special broadcast on Twitch tonight, the team from Nier Automata revealed that the ‘secret room’ that a reddit user claimed to have discovered in the game was, in fact, their job: a mod designed to showcase a massive leap forward in modding tools available to the game.

The room was gradually lured onto the Nier Automata reddit over the course of weeks, with its developers pretending to be an ignorant player who had accidentally found the content. This led to a community scramble, with many believing that it was real content that had been cut from the game but had yet to be discovered.

This hypothesis is supported by the fact that the complexity of the room and the scripting surrounding it were outside the scope of what had been possible in Nier Automata mods up to this point. Others thought this meant that the content was too real and complicated for fans, but it could have been part of a Square Enix-backed alternative reality game marketing campaign for the Switch version of Automata, or even a brand new Nier.

However, others have pointed out with a finger of skepticism that the poster is an entirely new account on reddit, the secret room being a shocking treasure trove of references to Nier Replicant, a mistake in some Japanese text in the new content, and more. Now, we know the truth, which was revealed in a special Twitch stream as the lead for an event that drove the community wild.

Revealed as a shocking discovery that revitalized the internet, new engineering has now been revealed as new fan mod content.
Revealed as a shocking discovery that revitalized the internet, new engineering has now been revealed as new fan mod content.

Over time, the pretense that this is nothing but an adjustment has begun to fall into decline. Towards the end, he began posting photos of a number of Drakengard 3 assets that had been transferred to Nier Automata, and a second user began posting more photos of “unknown” parts of the Nier Automata outside the church. Shortly thereafter, this same user went live to reveal that everything was the work of a dedicated team of modifiers who discovered new ways to manipulate and modify Automata.

“Everything we shared was completely in-game, no The editorial was used, “a statement from the team behind the mysterious cases.” We’ve all loved the discussions and experiences – it’s been a great trip. It was so inspiring to see the community come together after so many years, it made all the hard work worth it.

“Over the next days we’ll be launching new Blender plugins and scripting tools. Fully open source. We’ve got plenty in store for you.”

The team, made up of three hackers, promises to release mod files directly, which means the curious can visit the church themselves. This is how the saga of Nier Automata’s Secret Room and Hidden Door ends – an unforgettable event that opened the door to a new, more open era of Nier Automata mods. More amazing personalized content is likely to follow – and this confusion started that.

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