Tips for caring for fish, we tell you what they need!

Would you like to have fish? The fish, it could be said that they are a different pet from the others. But don’t listen to someone who tells you that they are boring! It is true that you cannot teach them games and tricks like a dog , but an aquarium or a fish tank is a great hobby and also serves as a decorative element for your home. Do you want to learn about fish care? Don’t miss this post!

fish care

The best thing for fish is not direct tap water, since it can have an excess of chlorine and other substances that are harmful to them. Does that mean you have to use mineral water? Nooo! The one from the tap is enough, but it must be conditioned before putting it in the fish tank. In pet product stores you will find special preparations to prepare the water for your fish.

In an aquarium, the water can last one to two weeks under good conditions . Stagnant water, in contact with air, undergoes gas exchange and creates a balance of bacteria and fish parasites die.

Even if the fish care you are practicing is correct, the water can sometimes turn cloudy when you apply the conditioning product . It is normal! It is due to the transit of bacteria, but soon it will be clear again and you will be able to use it.

What are the ideal conditions of a fish tank?

What are the ideal conditions of a fish tank?
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When you go to buy the fish tank, keep in mind where you are going to put it . It is the first thing you should decide. The fish do not give much homework, but it is important that the conditions are ideal.

Fish care is simple. Find a place with good light, but out of direct sunlight, because it could overheat the water. Likewise, avoid putting it near heat sources, such as stoves or radiators . The fish could die!

The right and necessary light is important so that your fish can see, eat, reproduce… For everything! In fact, did you know that the brightness and color intensity of its scales depends to a large extent on the light that it shines on them? Make sure that your fish are exposed to light at least 12 hours a day . The artificial one works too!

The temperature of the water is also very important. In fact, it is essential for your fish to live. A specific temperature cannot be established, since it depends on each breed, but approximately between 23 and 25 degrees is ideal. With a water thermometer you can easily control the temperature.

fish feeding

fish feeding
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Another fish care that you should take into account is their diet. Fish base their diet mainly on protein, their food is very easy to find in pet stores.

Did you know that some large fish species are vegetarian? Actually, nutritional needs are going to depend a lot on the species of fish you choose to keep. When you decide, it will be time to investigate their diet!

Have you seen how easy fish care is? It’s great for animal lovers who don’t have much time to take a dog for a walk , for example. They require less effort than other pets. Enjoy your fish!

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