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The scary season is approaching, and with it comes the trailer Halloween Spirit: The Movie. The film stars Christopher Lloyd as a deceased man named Alec Windsor who possesses everything in the abandoned port to terrorize a group of children. Rachael Leigh Cook appears as Sue, a mother of a child who remarries after her husband’s recent death. Based on the ubiquitous pop-up costume store, several Spirit Halloween characters have appeared, including Buzzsaw, Nightcrawler, and Mr.Dark. Check out the trailer:

The clip gives viewers a glimpse of the boys, played by Donovan Cullan, Dylan Martin Frankel, and Jayden J. Smith, who decided to spend the best holiday of the year at the spooky-placed Spirit Halloween store. Intrigued by the legend of Alec Windsor (Christopher Lloyd), they discover the cause of his troubled soul. But as night falls, the group realizes they are not alone in the world of electronics moving from the springtime retail chain to life.

The boys soon discover that the props are under the control of spirits, who for an hour on the anniversary of their death can possess objects or people. Along with their friend Kate, played by Marisa Reyes, the boys must defeat the spirit trapped inside the store before midnight. If they don’t, you will own one of them forever. The story seems like a mixture of The scream of terror And the monster squad With some major vibes of nostalgia, Christopher Lloyd added a much-needed dose of star power to the film.

The trailer for Christopher Lloyd’s movie premiered at the opening of Spirit Halloween’s Flagship Store in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey on July 30. Cullan, Frankel and Smith made a surprise appearance at the event. The clip was shown a day later at Long Beach, the California Halloween convention, and the horror-themed convention is called Midsummer Scream. It first appeared on the Internet two days later. David Poag works as a director on the unique project written by Billie Bates. Hideout Pictures, Strike Back Studios, Particular Crowd, and Film Mode Entertainment produced the film, various reports.

Christopher Lloyd starrer was mostly filmed in an abandoned Toys R Us set in Georgia. Production started from the end of 2019 to November 2021. Talking about The spirit of Halloween: the movie, Strike Back Studios president Noor Ahmed told Variety that the biggest reason he was immediately associated with the script was because it was inspired by some of his favorite children’s adventure films like Goonies, GremlinsAnd the monster squad. Ahmed will also produce the project with Shannon Hutchins. Tom├ís’ Yanelevich, Peter Bevan, Mariana Sanjurjo and Clay Epstein are executive producers.

The first iteration of the Spirit Halloween store appeared in California in 1983. Founded by Joe Marver, who later sold the company to Spencer Gifts, the stores don’t stay open all year. Instead, fashion pop-ups are taking over the abandoned retail spaces that were once used by closed retail stores. Sometimes it happens so quickly that the process has become a meme, according to US Magazine. So it’s no surprise that it became the perfect setting for a family-friendly spooky movie. Christopher Lloyd Starr is scheduled to be released theatrically on October 7, 2022.

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