Watch Kevin Bacon terrorize campers in new They/Them trailer

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Kevin Bacon

Blumhouse has definitely been a mainstay in horror movies, especially in recent times. The production company has always come up with different and somewhat troubling ideas when it comes to the horror genre. the latest is black phone, which stars Ethan Hawke. The movie got some great reviews. However, a new, ultra-contemporary Blumhouse horror movie is due out next month. This movie is called h/them And stars Kevin Bacon. The entire movie seems to be about a creepy diversion camp that may not be what it was advertised as. You can watch the trailer below:

We want to point out the wonderful title of the film. These are the wonderful pieces. Kevin Bacon plays Owen Whistler, the head of Whistler Camp. The basis of the film is that many LGBTQIA+ people are forced to attend a conversion camp, where their parents are probably hoping to become heterosexual in a weird way. However, the facility is using some alternative and intimidating methods to try and convert these campers. The camp counselor reminds us of Messi Armitage in Get out, and perhaps try to hypnotize the camp you encounter. There also appears to be a quick moment to turn the generator on as well, which means we could be seeing some awful electrical treatment being done on those campers. Not to mention the sewn-in masked killer who haunts everyone throughout the end of the trailer.

We’re not entirely sure if Kevin Bacon will be the killer in this new movie, but someone is trying to hunt down these campers in what is likely to be some bloody murder. Blumhouse is very good at ensuring brutality in horror movies. What’s interesting is that this movie is set to premiere on Peacock, which has led to an uptick in horror content. Peacock is the new home chucky Revival series, and will now host the new Blumhouse horror movie.

h/them Not the first horror movie Kevin Bacon has starred in. He is best known for starring in the hit 90s movie, shivering. He was also the protagonist of a mysterious murder movie called A bang of echoes. He was also in the first Friday 13And the flatlinerAnd the hollow Man. Sure, some of these are more sci-fi inclined, but the guy’s biography speaks for itself. We are so excited to see what he brings to the table h/them. Again, we wouldn’t assume he’s the killer in this movie, although his camp may be up to some nefarious practice.

h/them For the first time on the Peacock on the fifth of August. The film stars Kevin Bacon, Carrie Preston, Anna Chlumsky, Theo Germaine, Kui Tan, Austin Crout, and Monique Kim to name a few. The horror genre seems to intensify his social commentary with a topic that appeals to the current generation. Fresh Modern Dating took over, and now h/them It takes on gender identity and LGBTQIA+ representation while taking a much deeper horror spin on these elements. We are excited to see this.

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