What does the future of The Walking Dead look like after Comic-Con 2022

After 11 seasons, the walking Dead The TV show is coming to an end soon, but there’s a lot more on the horizon for fans of the franchise, especially after San Diego. Comic Con 2022 ads. At one point in time, the walking Dead It was undoubtedly the most popular program on line television, dominating its cable competition and also outselling the most hits on the broadcast networks. While that was a long time ago now, the walking Dead It’s still one of the most-watched shows out there, despite his critics’ sarcastic claims about how it should have ended long ago.

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the walking Dead It may not be the juggernaut that was at its peak, but it’s no wonder AMC has no plans to exit walking dead Work or really finish his story. It’s one of the few shows that still feels like watch dates, and one that requires almost live viewing to avoid spoilers. While the walking Dead The main program is on its way to conclusion, AMC is betting that the millions who are still constantly in tune will move their fan base onto a parade of sequels and spin-offs on the horizon.

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AMC’s commitment to the walking Dead The franchise was in full effect at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, as the network showcased its ever-growing range of shows walking dead Parachute. This now includes a limited series that concludes the story of Rick and Michonne, as this tale will now no longer be told on the big screen as originally planned. Here what is the future walking dead It’s like a franchise after Comic-Con 2022.

The Walking Dead Season 11

After more than a decade and over 150 episodes, the walking Dead Season 11 begins its final chapter on October 2, with Comic-Con 2022 showing a trailer for the show’s climax finale. Season 11 saw a lot of change, with Maggie returning as a regular member of the cast, her sad alliance with Negan, big leaps, challenging loyalties, major character deaths, and the introduction of dangerous groups like The Commonwealth and The Reapers. With Daryl, Maggie, Aaron, Gabriel, Negan, and their companions now firmly at war with Lance Hornsby, Pamela Melton, and the Commonwealth, the walking Dead It looks like Season 11, Part 3 will deliver all the action, violence, and blood that viewers have come to expect. As I joked a day The Walking Dead: A World BeyondFaster, smarter zombies are also thrown into the mix.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8

Madison in The Walking Dead Season 7

Fear of walking dead Season seven recently ended, but season eight is already on and should debut during 2022. The final episodes of season seven saw the surprising revelation that it’s believed to be dead Madison Clarke (Kim Dickens) actually survived the explosion that apparently killed her and has since Then I started working with the sordid PADRE group. Entering Season 8, Morgan and Madison are now tasked with recovering Morgan’s adopted daughter Mo from the evil clutches of PADRE. Unlike its predecessor, Fear of walking dead He did not indicate that it would end anytime soon.

Tales of the walking dead

Comic-Con 2022 presented a trailer for Tales of the walking deadwho will see the walking Dead Hop on the episodic anthology train in a similar way to american horror stories he is american horror story. premiere on August 14th, Tales of the walking deadThe first season is set to consist of six episodes, each focusing on different characters, most of which are new to the series and played by well-known actors such as Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, and Parker Posey. Also spotlighted in flashbacks is Samantha Morton Alpha, who returns in an episode examining her transformation from a relatively ordinary woman named Dee to the savage leader of the Whisperer. There are so many possibilities for multiple seasons Tales of the walking deadEspecially when it comes to bringing back dead favorites.

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Daryl Spinoff The Walking Dead’s

The Walking Dead Daryl Norman Reedus

the walking DeadThe most famous character will get his own show when Daryl Dixon’s next show starts on AMC. Norman Reedus of course returned to the lead role of the currently still untitled Daryl, which was originally planned to focus on both Daryl and Carol. That changed when actress Melissa McBride opted out of the project and took a break after more than a decade of playing Carol. However, Reedus mentioned at Comic-Con 2022 that Daryl and Carol’s story together is far from over, apparently leaving the door open for McBride to eventually return to the fold. This sub-display can be said to have the greatest chance of grabbing such walking dead The main program of the franchise, which basically acts as an extension of the original show.

Isle of the Dead

Lauren Cohan as Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

After a season as reluctant allies, Negan and Maggie seem to have settled somewhat on the idea that they’re on the same side now, although there likely won’t be an amount of tension there. Especially considering Herschel’s understandable anger that Negan killed his father. Negan and Maggie’s relationship will be further explored in the spin-off Isle of the Dead, who sees struggling survivors head to Manhattan in New York City for as yet undisclosed reasons. Superstars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan actually missed Comic-Con 2022, but that was most likely due to filming Isle of the Dead You start recently. This will actually be the third TV show in which Morgan and Cohan have played major roles, although their characters never interact. supernatural. They are also famous for playing Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman V Superman Memories of the past.

The Walking Dead’s Rick & Michonne Limited Series

Danai Gurira as Michonne and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

While some walking dead devotees are really disappointed that plans to give Rick Grimes a theatrical movie show have been canceled, and that’s probably the best of it Comic Con 2022 The planned movie trilogy starring Rick by Andrew Lincoln has been made into a minor television movie. Translating a popular TV show to the big screen is often difficult, as audiences prove they’re resistant to paying for something they’ve always gotten for free — or in the case of the walking Dead, as part of their cable TV package. Currently, Rick and Michonne’s events are slated to consist of six episodes, though the door is likely open for more if Lincoln and Danai Gurira want to keep coming back. For now, the actual story here is still a wrap, but a premiere is expected in 2023.

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Olivia Rodrigo as Nene

Season 3 of HSMTMTS gives Olivia Rodrigo a fitting goodness as the show says

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