Why did the Yankees replace Jordan Montgomery with the Cardinals versus Harrison Bader?

After a day trading for Frankie Montas to bolster their rotation, the Yankees put out one of their most consistent starts before the trade deadline.

The Yankees sent Jordan Montgomery their left to the Cardinals on Tuesday in exchange for off-field player Harrison Bader and a player to be named later or financial considerations.

Bader is currently on the list of people with plantar fasciitis and in walking shoes. General Manager Brian Cashman said this could delay his Yankees debut until September. When Badr is available, the Yankees will have a strong defensive center and a speed threat who is also under contract during the upcoming season.

But that came at the expense of Montgomery, a local bowler who was visibly emotional and still in shock about an hour after the trade collapsed.

“I didn’t get Montas so I can move Monty,” Cashman said after the deadline. “My team and I got into the export/import trade acquisition market trying to figure out the overall ecosystem for that list, what fits the October plan best, how we can fly to the best of our abilities when it is most necessary in October and what gives us the most quality options. This is what went into every decision we made.

Jordan Montgomery
Jordan Montgomery
Corey Sibkin

“So we are excited about what Badr can offer us. We have to wait until we get that. But it came at the cost of the quality selection we already had.”

The trade culminated in a busy few days for Cashman – who filled holes in left field (Andrew Benintende), rotation (Montas) and bull (Scott Evros and Lou Trevino) while also trading Joey Gallo with the Dodgers.

“The greater part of it is kind of sad to see a man [leave] “You love him and you’ve been through a lot of things and that has done a lot for this team and the organisation,” manager Aaron Boone said after the 8-6 loss to the Mariners. “Getting out of nowhere today where that happens, it’s hard to deliver that news and say goodbye.”

Even after acquiring Montas from athletics on Monday, Cashman said, the Yankees continued to explore adding another player before the deadline. Joel Sherman from The Post and John Heyman reported That the Yankees were in the Marlins right-hand Pablo Lopez, although the deal never came to fruition.

Instead, the Yankees will go ahead with alternating Gerrit Cole, Montas, Jameson Tellon, Nestor Cortes and Domingo Germain before hoping to be joined by Luis Severino in mid-September when he is eligible for a 60-day exit from IL. They also have another option in Clarke Schmidt in Triple-A, although they spoiled a lot from starting depth to beyond in trades over the past few days.

“I am sure [in the rotation]Cashman said. “My job is always to worry, but I believe in the men we have.”

Harrison Bader
Harrison Bader
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Montgomery, who was drafted by the organization in 2014, seemed devastated not to take part in this rotation going forward.

“This is my family. That’s all I know,” said Montgomery, who has had a 3.69 ERA through 21 starts this season. “I still don’t really think I performed the way I should have done here. I am a much better player than I showed the fans. But I think I have been consistent, and I gave the team a chance to win.”

The Yankees could face Montgomery this weekend in St. Louis, where he will be in turn against them.

But they will have to wait for Badr, whom Cashman described as “one of the game’s elite field defenders”. His presence would allow the Yankees to play Aaron Judge more consistently on the right field. The 28-year-old Bader, a Bronxville native who won the Golden Glove in 2021, has been hitting 0.256/.303/.370 with 15 steals in 72 games this year.

The Yankees entered Tuesday with the best record in baseball, but that didn’t leave Cashman standing idly by.

“Ultimately we scored until August 2 and it won’t guarantee us anything in October,” Cashman said. “It’s accumulating talent, keeping it healthy and playing at maximum capacity. Just because we played baseball exceptionally well until August 1st… doesn’t mean we should bounce back and assume it’s going to continue like this.”

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