WWE Raw summary and reaction (July 25, 2022): Papa was a rolling stone

The entire WWE world has changed since the last time we spoke. Seriously, that’s been a turbulent week. Vincent Kennedy McMahon passed away. And if you’ve read any of the site’s coverage lately, you know it’s a good bet that it’s gone for good. WWE is in a whole new era and uncharted waters. But I am here to lead our journey through those turbulent lands, Cage, while Claire co-leads the captain better than anyone on the planet.

We’ll be talking about what this sans Vince show looks like for the next several weeks but tonight, let’s focus on the show before the big (ish) summer show.

let’s talk raw!

my dear father

raw Hot night started. As the first AVKM raw (after Vincent Kennedy McMahon), there are multiple purposes here. First, let the world know that the show is going on and no one, no matter who they are, will stop the show. b, shows a sense of urgency for this new age that leads to the third goal of being completely different while keeping things the same. In the end, we may get new creative directions or at least a new creative process. Triple H isn’t Vince McMahon but it’s going to take him some time to really craft his own vision. To say nothing of the fact that WWE’s main team producer has a different set of company necessities than NXT.

There are more institutional partners, sponsors and responsibilities. How does Hetish manipulate? all of that You might make it a main place at Krusty the Clown clown school. But it will also give him a winning formula. Vince’s creative direction was, for the most part, bad in my eyes. I want wholesale changes but I also don’t hold my breath for them. Having said that, as Stella will tell you, I’m always an optimist.

But I digress. The Logan Paul and Miz brawl started the show, but it was the next part with Roman Reigns that took the opening from good to great. Roman basked in the adulation of the crowd and said he didn’t feel like speaking. Paul Heyman takes the microphone and does what he does best, including at least one reference to the changes taking place in WWE. This is Romania’s last match with Brock, something Heymann emphasized. So, yeah, folks, that is. And perhaps with Vince gone, there will be no more breaking Brock’s glass in the event of an emergency.

The clip hit another level when theory hit the ring. While Reigns got tired of talking about Brock, it was a gossip for Theory. And in five words, Reigns put the theory in place and possibly foreshadowed the kitten’s future:

“Your father is not here anymore.”

This is it. That’s all it takes. Roman effectively demonstrated the difference between him and the theory at that moment. In kayfabe and in fact, it was the theory that Vince chose. Does he drown or swim without it? Roman thinks it’s the first. He doesn’t think the theory knows what to do with a MITB bag and without Vince, he needs someone to guide him. I don’t think Roman buried a theory but this clip, along with the next first hour of the show, doesn’t do the man any credit. What Roman has shown is that the theory is not on his level yet. Not at Brock’s level yet.

And therein lies a bigger problem within WWE and a very specific problem with the theory. Nobody is booked even with Brock and Roman. The theory is just another man. It is not presented as special. And when he shares the same space with these two, he looks like a high school student facing a pro.

The New York City audience understood this almost immediately. New York is a tough city but if they don’t buy it, there’s a good chance there’s no one else around that blue ball either. I know I’m not. But I also went to college in Queens, so there it is.

It was an intriguing opening clip that sold out summerslamThe main event showed that the theory was not ready for prime time, and was descriptive in the best way. For three hours, this was the only time that raw It really felt like a homecoming version of one of the Big Four events.



If you read anything above this line, you know that the night didn’t start well for the man known as Theory. After Reigns’ verbal attack, Theory finds himself in the clutches of Drew McIntyre. Drew dominated the first minutes of the match, confirming the final terrible night for the Vince Pets Project. Focus on “pet” because, yes, that was weird. He fought the theory his way back but not enough to keep the Scotsman down. Right when Drew regained momentum. Seamus made his way into the proceedings because he remained a very big thorn in McIntyre’s side. The Brawlin’ Brutes – The best name would be wrestling buddies– Drew jumped while Theory got his lick for bad measure. Bobby Lashley played music and All Mighty gave his hand to his former rival.

Doing his best to impress Teddy Long, Adam Pearce invited a tag match between Sheamus & Theory and Bobby & Drew. It was a good match with a lot of fitness. Sheamus took home the award for match moment when he interrupted a spear spot on Bobby with a knee lift. Ladies and gentlemen, Seamus is watching the product!

Bedlam broke the loss as it usually happens in these matches, leaving Theory alone in the middle of the ring with Lashley. But there was a dolph, dressed like tank dogs A character standing at the comments table. Seriously, all the guy did was use his phone. This reach and touch effort distracted someone from theory enough to hit Lashley on Hurt Lock. You know what happened at that point.

Theoretically, after tapping and licking his wounds, he made his way to the back and grabbed a pair of superhero kicks from The Usos. Little payoff before. The chief of the tribe continued to take care of the young man in the most hilarious way.

there Much Here for anyone who likes to unpack things. But with not only Vince gone, but the story seemingly getting worse with the passing of the clock, WWE seems to be making the theory look like clouds are on their way over his head. I’ve said before in this space that while he looks the part and can wrestle, his flaws come to light when he’s working on the mic with one of the best guys or standing side by side. It might be a course correction. Or maybe I’m just digging into it because times are changing.

My tribe, your tribe

Montez Ford had his bloody moment. And no, we don’t use it the way our British cousins ​​use it. Montez bled out during this week’s main event. Tees, Dawkins and Riddle battled The Bloodline. The son was leaking profusely, but continued to wear the scarlet mask like a champ.

Other than that, I wasn’t happy with this match. Which has less to do with its quality than with the fact that we saw a copy of The Street Profits vs. The Usos every week since money in the bank. There is nothing new here from the point of view of the story. We’ve already got it: We’ve got a W award in MITB In a controversial fashion, Double J is the special guest reference in the rematch for basketball-related reasons, and the Profits hope their new aggressiveness will put them on top. Fabulous. Throwing in Reigns and Riddle swinging into the simmering beef but also opening the door for Seth Rollins to emerge at the end of the match and pounce. Reigns finished the match with a spear on Riddle’s entire belly, and Seth sprinted into the ring, making a few wicked pavement strikes on his stomach. summerslam Discount. Seth showed his ugliness when he crushed Riddle’s skull on the outer ground And the On a pair of steel stairs. This, along with the blood, showed a little more aggressiveness than we’re used to raw.

a celebration

So, first, shout out to the Mysterio family to watch TV the right way. Saints, every one of them.

Before we get The Mysterios vs. The Judgment Day Ray shared his feelings for his 20 years in WWE. It was such a sweet, honest and wonderful moment for one of the best people who ever did it. Ray captured my feelings when I was 10 in 1996, and I haven’t taken my eyes off him since. Shout out to Ray just because you’re constantly drugged.

Now in the game itself. Dom didn’t turn on his dad, they remixed the same ending several weeks ago (Ray pulled the Eddie chair trick after Finn tried the trick, but Ray followed it up with frog spray and a victory), and yes, they’ve got a W but nothing moved the story forward. .. until Ray’s actual celebration with his family. The family paid tribute to Ri, presenting him with the original outfit he was wearing Halloween ruin 97, then RHEA appeared. Yes, it’s in big letters because she’s back. Ray’s daughter wanted all that smoke with Rhea, but the doomsday nightmare wanted Rey. We got one of those nasty hits from Rhea, Finn, and Damien, leaving Ray in agony and the rest of the family in anguish. I dug it a lot and in summerslamThese two teams finally beat him in a NO DQ match. The edge appears, right?

Alexa, Alexa

Alexa Bliss doesn’t look at Doudrop or Nikki ASH; She looks beyond them. Although the match had nothing to write home about, Alexa’s view against Doddrop was clearly surprising. Alexa, in a pre-match interview, made her intentions clear: She wants raw Women’s Championship. So, yes, Mrs. Doddrop sent in with her plans for the fall.

Big balls to shoot

Despite all the balls talk, that was a loose clip.. besides the fact that we had Maris and Logan verbally arguing about the size of a testicle, with Maryse carrying a ball bag. Yes, a shiny bag in the shape of the testicles. The Miz came down, and talked a lot about his machinations summerslamCiampa followed, and dust ensued. Look, WWE misread that thing with Logan Paul. Ciampa and the Miz knocked him to the ground and instead of booing them, the New York City crowd cheered “again” after the Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale. Maybe Nashville will feel differently, but the crowd of past weeks hasn’t been on Paul’s side either.

hard cor

Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch interrupted the conversation this week. They just fought. This is it. That’s all this disagreement needs at this point because there’s nothing new they can say to each other about each other. Leaves. they. fight.

Right and wrong

Chad Gabel is right: Knicks are miserable. The MSG crowd can boo all they want but, come on, folks. You see the product in the field.

Anyway, Alpha Academy faced off against the newly formed team of AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler. Sorry Big Bob. AJ appreciates what Dolph does with theory and why. Dolph thinks his job is to teach the theory some lessons. for him. The theory hasn’t earned a single feat—thanks to my dad—so yeah, why not get it off some pegs? AJ however but Chad Gable thinks they are jealous. So, for some reason, he and Otis defended the theory’s honor against these two impostors. It was a good match but lacked any sense of ‘why’. Especially for the match before the main event. However, AJ & Dolph have the potential to be a very psychedelic team.

This didn’t sound like a homecoming show. It had a spark when it started but then caught on around three o’clock, an unfortunate curse from a three-hour show. Nothing happened to get me really excited about it summerslam or is presented in a way that makes this offer different from MITB or special. in wire Locally, this was a 40-degree day. And you know how people feel about these.

Grade: c

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.

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