WWE Rumors On Triple H; Bischoff on Vince McMahon’s retirement; Rey Mysterio talks about the future

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Details of Triple H’s meeting with the talents before Raw

On his first day as WWE’s chief creator, Triple H reportedly had a positive talent meeting.

According to Fightful Select (h/t WrestlingInc’s Robert Gunier), the meeting took place before Monday night’s episode of Raw at Madison Square Garden in New York City and was said to “go really well.”

Triple H reportedly hoped there would be an open line of communication between the talent and himself and other people in positions of authority, something that may not have always been the case when Vince McMahon was in charge.

Also, Triple H reportedly told wrestlers that he wanted “work to be fun”.

WWE announced Monday morning that Triple H will take over as Head of Creative in addition to his role as Vice President of Talent Relations.

Last week, WWE CEO, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Vince McMahon announced his retirement at the age of 76 amid an investigation into his payment of millions of dollars to former female employees for their silence over alleged sexual relations and misconduct.

When McMahon stepped down, it was initially assumed that one of his closest confidants, Bruce Pritchard, would take over as chief creative officer.

While Prichard is still in the fold, Triple H will be the lead candidate for ideas, a role McMahon has played since buying the company from his father in 1982.

No doubt Triple H is a good fit for the job, as he was primarily the McMahon of NXT from 2012-2021, which gives him plenty of experience and perspective.

Many fans are longing for the day Triple H will take over as WWE’s main booking agent, and now, he’ll get a chance to prove that he can consistently produce good performances on the main roster.

Bischoff talks about McMahon’s retirement

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff commented this week on Vince McMahon’s decision to retire as WWE’s CEO, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer.

Talking about 83 weeks Podcast (Dominic D’Angelo of WrestlingInc), Bischoff discussed the surreal nature of McMahon’s retirement and the fact that it surprised him:

Still hard to believe. I woke up this morning, and saw a picture on my social media, and it was a picture of the WWE headquarters in Stamford. I thought, can you imagine what it’s like to walk into this building And you know you’ll never see Vince McMahon there again?At least not professionally as a leader?

“It would be weird to walk into those halls and not expect him to come. It would be really weird. I’m trying to put myself in a place like Bruce. [Prichard], our friend, and a lot of other people I know I’m familiar with and that I’m close to. It’s going to be a weird day for them, come Monday morning, man. Really strange.”

Bischoff has a unique perspective on McMahon in that he has opposed and worked with him over the years.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Bischoff was the president of WCW and went head to head with WWE’s Monday Night Raw with the advent of Monday Nitro. Bischoff’s Nitro even beat McMahon’s Raw in the ratings for 83 consecutive weeks at one point.

McMahon eventually won the Monday Night War and bought WCW, which led to Bischoff’s eventual signing with WWE as an on-screen personality of the 2000s.

Most recently, Bischoff took a short stint as SmackDown’s creative director in late 2019 and early 2020.

While Bischoff and McMahon were sworn enemies, Bischoff seems to have gained a great deal of respect for Vince over the years.

McMahon built WWE into a global juggernaut, but now he’s leaving it in the hands of his daughter Stephanie McMahon, Chairman and Co-CEO along with WWE Chairman Nick Kahn.

Mysterio discusses retirement

Before celebrating his 20th anniversary with WWE on Monday night’s episode of Raw, Rey Mysterio discussed his retirement plans with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport.

During the interview (h/r Joshua Jones of Ringside News), Mysterio revealed that while he has long intended to retire at 50, it’s not necessarily a sure thing if he’s still healthy at that point:

“It’s funny because they don’t set you up now like they do with NFL players. For wrestling, I’ve always heard from others that they go until they can’t. There’s really no start and end date. You just run it until you can’t or even walk away. to do something else.

“For me, now that I’m approaching my fifties and seeing my son wrestle, I tell myself I want to go through three more years and don’t want to go over fifty. But then I remind myself, What if I feel good? Can you still go for another year?” ?As of now, my history has always been to never be over fifty.โ€

Mysterio appears to have been invigorated by the advancement of his son, Dominik, to the WWE Superstar over the past few years.

Ray and Dominic became the first father-son duo to hold the tag team championships in WWE, and they went on to collaborate together on the Raw brand.

They are currently in the midst of a feud with The Judgment Day, and on Monday Raw, Ray and Dominic defeated Judgment Day members Damien Priest and Finn Balor in a tag team match.

Doomsday spoils the celebration, though Rhea Ripley becomes physical with Mysterio’s daughter, Aliyah, and tempts Ray and Dominic with an attack at the hands of the Reverend and Balor.

As a result, The Mysterios will face Judgment Day in a disqualification tag team match at SummerSlam on Saturday.

Ray continues to perform at a high level and receives very positive feedback from the audience, and with Dominic apparently having been around for so long, there is no telling how much Ray might be willing to put his shoes on.

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