Zooey Deschanel defends M. Night Shyamalan: ‘People probably didn’t get it’

Deschanel agreed that the 2008 box office bombshell “wasn’t universally loved”.

It “happens” again.

Almost 15 years after the premiere of M. In an interview with The Guardian using questions asked by fans, Deschanel joked that the “event” was “universally unpopular” despite Shyamalan’s best attempts.

“Director M. Night Shyamalan – Knight – had a strong vision and we were all trying to do what he wanted,” Deschanel explained. “I trusted him, because he’s a great filmmaker. I didn’t know until I saw the movie, but I think he was going to a stylized horror, like The Birds, and maybe people didn’t understand it.”

She added, “I’ve enjoyed working with Night and Mark Wahlberg, but while I’ve done serious drama, I’m not sure I’d fit in with thrillers. I find great pleasure in doing comedy.”

The Happening focused on a high school science teacher (Wahlberg) who sets out to save his family from an unseen environmental threat that is forcing people to kill themselves. Mostly, the movie shows people running from the wind…basically like “The Bird Box” but it’s not without any visual visions of horror. “The Happening” has an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and even Wahlberg ruled out co-star Amy Adams “dodging a bullet” by rejecting the “bad movie.”

“I don’t want to tell you what the movie is…well,” Wahlberg said in 2013, “It’s what it is. Damn trees, man. the plants. the curse. You can’t blame me for not wanting to try to play a science teacher. At least I wasn’t playing a cop or a crook.”

Shyamalan told Vulture in 2019 that looking back, he knows “The Happening” was “inconsistent” in its tone.

“That’s why they couldn’t see it,” the Split manager said of fans connecting with the feature. (And if no one can We see Horror movie threat to begin with.)

He mistook Shyamalan’s “Sixth Sense” in connection with critics, leading the director to admit he cried over the bad comments for 2019’s “Unbreakable” follow up, “The Glass.”

“Honestly, I was feeling, ‘Will they not let me be different without throwing me on the garbage heap?’” Shyamalan said when speaking to the NYU students. “I was carried away by a feeling of worthlessness, and to be honest, it never left me. But anyway, the movie went on, right? It has become number one in every country in the world, and it represents my beliefs.”

He added, “I’ve achieved more success than anyone should be allowed to. I mean, everything I’ve ever written has been made into a movie, and my nine original ideas films averaged $270 million each. I just think I don’t. I can complain about anything. But I’m tired. I’m paying for my movies now. After this 10 years of working in studios for junk movies, I wasn’t happy.”

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